[ENHANCEMENT] RAM preview frame render size and memory usage.

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RAM preview should respect the timeline frame size settings. e.g. 1/2 resolution. Currently it always computes at full resolution. I am told "...RAM Preview frames are always rendered at the full resolution of the comp, so that they can be used for the Full-screen preview as well as the normal Viewer, and it doesn't need to be rendered multiple times at different resolutions."

This does not make sense. The mere existence of a full screen preview negates the performance advantages of 1/2 resolution usage. Full screen, or any preview window, should use the timeline resolution. If I set to 1/2 res it is for a reason. I want/need better performance. Full screen or not. Respect the user choice/selection for render size.

A RAM preview will playback in real time at any resolution but a full res render takes longer than a 1/2 res render (1/4 the pixels). So we are sitting and waiting longer, for the RAM preview to compute, to playback the video. Not good. Again, respect the timeline resolution choice.

Also 1/2 resolution quadruples (4x) the time that can be previewed with a given fixed amount of RAM. A nice choice/option for a user to have, to get the most out of their machine, even if preview render time is not an issue.


  • Triem23
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    Absolutely agreed. The whole point of a RAM preview is a quick and dirty render to look at that's discarded with the next edit. Maybe I want full quality/rez in later stages, but when setting up and animating 1/4" rez Draft quality is what I want in a quick and dirty that gets discarded with the next edit.