Music videoclip edit with Hitfilm - Fly me to the Moon

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Hi Guys!

A music video of mine edited with Hitfilm Express 14

What do you think? 😀👩‍🚀

Thanks for your advice!

A good day to you


  • VFXwarrior
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  • Andy001z
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    Not bad, think you need to look at using feathering on your masks to make them blend nicer. For example in this shot I took from your video

    We can see you have overlaid another clip on top of the main song. I can see you have changed the opacity to see the video underneath but the square border makes it look hard. I would either use the Viginette effect on the smaller video or through a mask around the edge then feather is so the edges blend nicely.

    I tried to get the look using you screen shot, but I kinda need the videos, but hopefully you can get the idea The black box u see would be gone if I masked over the original.

  • munzic
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    Sorry if I answer you late.

    Thank you for your suggestion. Very helpfull.