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HitFilm Pro and Express are developed to include everything that you need to create incredible visual content. Many of the features that you see in our new releases are requested or inspired by you, the user. By using this forum (replacing our previous 'Wishlist'), you can help to create the future of FXhome products, by requesting new features and using the reaction 'Vote Up' or 'Vote Down' to promote the features you want to see.

To start a feature request, you must follow the instructions below.

First, you must use the search function to ensure that your feature request is not already existing in a post. Duplicates will be deleted or merged. If you find your feature request, you can upvote it to increase the likelihood that it will be developed.

Please enter a descriptive subject line in the Title field, such as '[FEATURE] Add Camera Tracker to Editor Timeline'. In the description field, detail exactly what you would like the feature to do with as much detail as possible. If you have a specific use case, please detail it in this section. The more information, the better - including any images or videos you think may be helpful.

If your feature request is related to an existing feature in HitFilm, title the post with '[ENHANCEMENT] Particle Simulator'. Then, in the description, please detail the enhancement to the existing feature.

Only make one feature request per post.

Other users will have the ability to 'Vote Up' the feature that they like.

It will be very easy for this thread to become unruly if these submissions requirements are not followed. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your post being edited or deleted by Moderators or Staff.