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Welcome to the new FXhome Forum

We're happy to have you here. We've worked hard to enhance this online space in order to foster more communication, engagement between you and your fellow artists, find answers quickly and have goals to work towards.

With that said, let's see what's new:


Has another user said somthing that helped you out? What about a funny post that brought a smile to your face? Did someone post a discussion that the rest of the forum users should check out? Well, now you have a lot more ways to interact with those posts! Introducing Reactions. Now, you can interact with posts with more than responding. You can now Promote posts, if you feel like others should see what was posted, Like a post if it's helped or inspired you, Dislike if you don't feel that the post was helpful to others, LOL if the post brings a smile to your face, or share the post to your favorite social media network! So, what does reacting to a post do? Let's talk about Ranks


Every user will have a rank when they join the forum. If you're already a forum user, you already have a rank. They are: Just Starting Out, Enthusiast, Expert, Power User and Master. Each rank will allow you to have access to new functionality within the forums. For example, reaching the rank of Expert will allow you to add a signature to your posts, so that you can highlight your Youtube page, personal website, or add your favorite quote from your favorite movie. Your rank will also be seen next to your name on any discussion you've participated in, so that other users can get an idea of the skill levels of those that they're interacting with. How do you achieve new ranks, you ask? Let's take a look at Badges.


Nearly every interaction that you have on the FXhome forum will earn you points. Did you add a profile photo? Link your social media accounts? Was your answer chosen as the top answer for a user's question? All of these will help you earn points that will allow you to rank up. Even receiving likes and LOLs will earn you points! Not only that, but we realize that many of you have been FXhome software users for years, and that counts for something as well! You'll get points for however many years you've been with FXhome, and points on every anniversary as well! When you have enough likes, LOLs, comments or answers, you'll earn a badge! For example, The first time you answer a question, you'll receive the First Answer badge. Answer 100 questions, and you'll receive the 100 Answers badge, which is worth 15 points! So, every interaction you take moves you one step closer to a new rank, and new forum abilities (as well as a few surprises we have up our sleeves).

Questions and Answers

Do you have a specific question? Now you can make a new Question discussion that will allow others to answer. Users can choose which post answers your question, which can then be seen by other users if they have the same question. And if you supplied the correct answer, you earn points! This is a great way to get quick answers from other FXhome users and Staff, and because this forum is filled with beginners and experts, you can be sure that your questions are answered by people who understand the software.

Private Messages

Have you ever wanted to reach out to another user, but didn't know how to reach them? Now you don't have to wait for them to respond to a post! You can now private message users to ask them specific questions, compliment them on their work,start to collaborate, or just say hi!

Feature Requests

Is there a feature that you'd like to see in your favorite software? Now, there's a dedicated place where you can request that feature! This will help the FXhome development team shape the direction of the software that we all love to use, and is a great way to influence where the software goes. Other forum users can up-vote or down-vote the feature request, so the best features rise to the top! There are rules, however, so make sure that you read the 'How to Submit a Feature Request' thread before posting. And please, one feature per post!

We know that this is a big change, and we're confident that this new direction will help everyone communicate, learn and grow in ways that we've not been able to foster before. Keep in mind that we'll be adding functionality, tightening the screws and doing everything that we can to make this new space the perfect place for all of you. If you have any questions, or concerns, our excellent team is always here to help!

Meet the Team!

Our FXhome Staff, Ambassadors, and Volunteer Moderators keep the forums a fun and safe environment for the community. When a forum rule is broken or conversation is no longer productive, they'll step in to clear the air.

You can reach out to any of our Staff or Moderators for help or general forum questions. To get their attention simply type @ then the user you wish to tag, for example; @philipwesson

Here's a list of the best people to tag out of our active Staff and Volunteer Moderators on the FXhome forums, for specific issues.

  • AxelWilkinson (for Customer Support-related queries)
  • DibsMcCallum (for Customer Support-related queries)
  • PhilWesson (for Customer Support-related queries)
  • KirstieT (for General or Marketing-related queries)
  • OliThompson (for Marketing-related queries)
  • hannahodebode (for Feature request-related queries)
  • JavertValbarr (for Filmmaking or VFX-related queries)
  • CedricBonnier (for HitFilm Developer-related queries)
  • TheBenNorris (for HitFilm Developer-related queries)
  • DanielOxer (for Imerge-related queries)

FXhome Ambassadors

  • Triem23
  • Spydurhank
  • Andy001z
  • Stargazer54
  • NXVisualStudio
  • CleverTagline
  • FilmSensei

Volunteer Moderators

  • Tddavis
  • Triforcefx

While we understand that you might not always agree with actions taken, we don't discuss moderation. We do review moderation actions internally, but stand by the decisions made by our staff & moderators.


  • Stargazer54
    Stargazer54 Posts: 3,967 Ambassador

    @philipwesson This is a small thing and I may be missing something. I am used to reading a post, then hitting the back button to get back to the message list and the message I just read is no longer highlighted in bright blue (it has been read). With the new front end the read message stays highlighted when you hit the back button.

    The only way I can have it show as read is to hit the breadcrumb link at the bottom of the message post page next to "Post Comment". Just a different way of navigating I guess, but wanted to double check if there was another way to mark messages as read.


  • CleverTagline
    CleverTagline Posts: 3,345 Ambassador
    edited August 2020

    @Stargazer54 It might be a cache thing with your browser. For me, a thread that I just read isn't bold when I go back to the list.

    What I'm trying to figure out is how to see whether or not an entire category has been read. I found a "Mark Read" option in the category menu, but I didn't see any visual change to the category title in the category page.

    EDIT: Now I see a difference. The category title is slightly less bold. Not as obvious as it could be, but it's something.

  • philipwesson
    philipwesson Posts: 492 Staff
    edited August 2020

    @Stargazer54 , @CleverTagline Thanks for the feedback. We're tightening the bolts on this bad boy right now, so I'll see if I can't solve those issues.

  • CleverTagline
    CleverTagline Posts: 3,345 Ambassador

    @philipwesson Heh...wrong tag there. Hope you don't mind that I edited to fix it.

  • Stargazer54
    Stargazer54 Posts: 3,967 Ambassador

    @philipwesson I think @CleverTagline hit it on the head. I normally use FireFox so logged back in with Chrome and the back button works to show the thread as read (not blue bolded as unread). So will clear cache on FF and try it again.

  • philipwesson
    philipwesson Posts: 492 Staff

    @Stargazer54 Ok, let me know what happens. Feel free to send me a PM as to not clutter this thread

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