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    @tkgame336 I can't wait for your marvel themed tutorials, welcome to the community!

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    Hello, I have been introduced here by my friends, there is a lot of useful information here and I also want to share some information, hope they are useful

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    @navonwolf Welcome to the Community!!

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    Hi! My name is Joey and am new to using Hitfilm. I came over from using Filmora and gotta say I'm really enjoying the additional features and the ability to use 3D environments in projects now. I run a small YouTube channel by the name Joe's Geek Show which is a comic book review channel but I also have an fascination with film making and also do short sketches and skits. I work against a green screen and am always trying new things to improve my visuals and overall viewer experience.

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    @JoesGeekShow I'll check out your channel, and Welcome to the Forum!

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    Thank you!! I am continuing to enjoy the Hitfilm.

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    Howdy! I'm Eli, and I got hitfilm about a month ago, looking forward to the creative energy here!

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    @iamoneabe welcome as @FilmSensei said. He pretty much summed up everything that goes on around here so well put Jay!!

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    @EliOfEarth If you have any questions about stuff, just ask!

    And @FilmSensei told me that no question is a dumb question around here!

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    Hi everyone my name is Michael. I’m very new to HitFilm Express and to VFX and video editing in general. I’m from Louisiana originally but now live in Maine. I’m going back and forth with hitfilm and da Vinci to see what one fits best and hitfilm is pulling a head xD. @Triem23 suggested Hitfilm Express so I want to mention and say thank you so much for the advice already and I look forward to meeting people on the forum!

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    @MichaelC3 that was on Reddit, right?

    Welcome to the FXhome forum. If any questions come up, feel free to bring em here. The Hitfilm Reddit community seems enthusiastic and helpful, but I've noticed more well-meaning, but incorrect advise there than here.

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    @Triem23 actually it was on the ActionVfX forum but good to know about Reddit I’ll keep that in mind while visiting there. Thanks again!

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    @emma0122 Welcome to the Forum Community Sam!

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    Hello, Ben in North Pole, Alaska, and a complete noob, trying to make a few gaming videos!

    I've been gaming since I was a kid, and have 2 pretty good systems. There is an excessive amount of alcoholism and drug use in Alaska, and I believe showing people how much fun PC gaming can be can get them onto a new hobby, that's more entertaining, and better for them, so I believe strongly in this work. I know how to game, I have the rigs, I just need to learn how to edit!

    Favorite content creators ? Gamer's Nexus and Hardware Unboxed for the hardware side.

    For the gaming side.... if I was to emulate one gaming creator that had the best commentary, best editing, best overall videos, it would be Games4Kickz. His videos are immaculately produced and entertaining as hell!

    My Current games: Division 2, 7 Days to Die, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Divinity: Original Sin 2 - prepping for Baldur's Gate 3.

    Current rig: MSI MEG X570 ACE, Ryzen 5800X, RTX 3080 Fe, 64 Gb Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 3200, and 2 Tb Corsair MP600.

    PLEASE, by all means, throw me some links, I record with Shadowplay/GeForce Experience, to MP4. Trying to figure out how to import, I see I need to make sure the video is transcoded..? I am not sure how to tell that from the file properties. Do I assume it's not? Can HitFilm transcode, or do I need to transcode and prepare my video files first, before HitFilm will allow me to import? Any suggestions for a program that can transcode and convert the MP4 file to a proper format? Any tips would be MUCH appreciated! Looking forward to get into this amazing work!

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    @badbenny911 Welcome to the forums! Gaming videos are hugely popular, so you should do well with that. You have picked a good gaming channel to emulate, so that will help a lot as well.

    Game captures with Shadowplay/GeForce Experience are most definitely done in a Variable Frame Rate, so you will need to transcode that footage to a Fixed Frame Rate before editing it in HitFilm. This can be done in several different applications. My go to app for transcoding is Handbrake.

    Handbrake Website:

    I've made a couple of tutorials on Handbrake, so feel free to take a look at them...

    Also, for more information on some ideas for exact settings to optimize your footage in Handbrake for Hitfilm, check out this video from @Triem23 at the 23:43 minute mark:

    Lastly, definitely take a look at these two Master Courses...

    The HitFilm Basics Masterclass is by @JavertValbarr and is a great place to start for beginners. The Game On Masterclass is by @OliThompson and is perfect for a video game channel creator like yourself.

    Good luck with your endeavor, and if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask!

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    @badbenny911 Great story! Welcome to the forum!!

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    Hey @badbenny911, You're the first fellow Alaskan I've met here, welcome to the forums!

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    Hello! I was pointed to Hitfilm from, which is actually for home audio recording enthusiasts.

    I'm from central Ohio, I've been working in video (audio side) since 1989. Originally at a production/post facility, for the most recent 25 years, I've moved into live sports production. In between, I had done a fair amount of graphics and animation, working in Lightwave (on a Video Toaster, at first) and Softimage, compositing with Digital Fusion.

    While I'm fairly solid in audio work, I occasionally need to edit some video. I was around when the first Avid editors were coming into service. Trying to jump into modern editing now is quite a handful, I'm looking for tutorials. Trying to understand tracks, for editing multicamera video shoots. Align the clips, then switch tracks to edit.

    I work full time, so I will only check in sporadically, nice to meet all of you.

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    @Vassaux Welcome nad I hope you get to do the things you would like to do using HitFilm. I started out with the Video Toaster too while in Ohio but was hard to keep up with it while moving around so much in the military.

    I believe Javert has a good place to start on video editing so I copied the link for you to check it out when you get the time. Happy editing.

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    @Vassaux Welcome! If you have any questions., please feel free to ask. In the meantime, check out the video that @usafdummy referenced above, and here is the whole playlist that it is a part of...

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    I don't really like sharing much about myself, but I just turned 20yrs in college living in the US. I recently got into video editing out of curiosity, so hitfilm express is my first software use. It may have been out of curiosity but I'm beginning to find my passion for it. I have zero experience going in, but the tutorials have helps greatly. Favorite tv series would be The Magicians. For now, I'm focusing on improving my skills.

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    It is a pleasure to meet you, @LuminaryTheaters. Good luck on your projects. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Also, please feel free to show off your work here on the forums as well. We would love to see what you are doing!

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    Hello, @LuminaryTheaters , sounds like me in 2012 😅

    And yes, whoever at FXhome decided back then that making tutorials would be the backbone of Hitfilm's road to success just ab-so-lutely nailed it.

    So, have fun, create, and welcome to a world of never-ending possibilities 👍️

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    I'm Aarambh||18||born in 2002

    from India, those overedited pieces of indian soap opera you see on yt XD

    im here to change that perception of indian editors as i do know some rlly great editors

    when it comes to the actual work im a complete noobie, i can barely say that i know the basics however i have the desire to learn. "Lil Bored" i've been watching him and it made me curious about his timeline so i did some browsing i found this to be the perfect hobby for me, hell i am even passionate about it now

    my favourite movie is "From Hell"(2001)

    i want to create horror as it involves both the audio and video to produce good horror

    i want to a lot of freelancing even for free

    as you can see my borders are not clear, i hope to find my thing in the days to come

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    • I am from India.
    • Hmmm? There are a lot of reasons, but the best one is, My job requires me too travel too much, sometimes in India and sometimes out of India, and in these days, I have lot of fun, I recorded hundreds of videos, but I have no idea how to combine them together, So I bought some books on videography and one of them mentioned video editing, "A WAY TO COMBINE VIDEOS TOGETHER", I became excited and came across Vegas Pro 13, I used it till the Vegas Pro 18, and then seeing no change in UI, I quitted it and installed Hitfilm Express, and seeing such great features and UI in Hitfilm, I purchased the pro version.
    • My favorite creators are Daniel Schiffer (A youtuber), and Justus McCranie (Again youtuber).
    • My favorite movie is Avatar, I love how the CGI was done in that movie.
    • I am locked under NDA, but it's a medieval movie and we are just shooting it, can't reveal the name.

    I am Arpit, Videography is not my profession, I do it very rarely for studios and clients. But when I am free, I love to make short movies and CGIs. I used internet from 2010, but I involved in social platforms just some 2 years ago.

  • FilmSensei
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    @krishd3 Welcome to the forums (although you have been here for a while!) 😁

    It's a small world... I know Justus McCranie. I did some work for him and his Christian based filmmaking academy, Tomorrow's Filmmakers. In addition to that, one of my old karate students is now a music producer and has also done some work for him.

  • Arpit
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    He might have hired you like this:-

    If I was there, I would say "For what?"😁