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    Im Jacques or known on Youtube as Loaf. I feel like sometimes I use this wonderful softwere in like the worst ways possible. Mainly for s***posts. I just, the softwere is amazing and I love it, but god am I just a gremlin.

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    I'm from Arizona. I got into film making from Zach King vines. I've been using FXhome software for a while now, and recently upgraded to pro. I'm excited to share some videos/pictures ect. on this platform

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    Happy to have you, recent joiners @premierestudios @CyberFighterMovie and @FusionFilm! Look forward to seeing some of your work in the discussions!

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    Thanks @KirstieT ! I just made a post in the "show off" forum and am waiting for the moderators to approve it. I love the new forum layout -- makes it more like social media!

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    Oh - @KirstieT , I just saw my post is up in the "Show Off" section -- Thanks!

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    Hi I am kevin, I am specialized in 2D character design and animation and currently working with one of the leading 2D animation company, BuzzFlick!

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    @kevinmorrisanime Welcome to the Forum! I have merged your post with the Introduce Yourself thread. Please feel free to ask questions about HF in the other Categories focused on different aspects of the software. Also tell us more about your recent projects with HF here.

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    Hi there,

    I´m Finn, German film and vfx enthusiast and a HUGE fan of the software provided by fxhome. I always dreamed of a better forum at and I´m really glad that you´ve made my dream become reality. Back in the days in 2014, (round about) I started shooting scetches with my mobile phone and now filmmaking has become a real passion for me. I´m using hitfilm (now hitfilm pro) for a couple of years now and what I learned and created with this program is mindblowing for me. When I look back, I cannot believe what you guys made out of this program. It´s so intuitive and professional. Especially for young people like me, (I´m 16 right now) affordable and easy to learn software is essential to make a step in this big industry. What really pushes me forward is your energy and your intention to create good quality content and tutorials. I look forward to share some content with the community in the near future.


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    Hi All

    My name is Benedict Roff-Marsh (no avatars here)

    • Where you're from: Gold Coast Queensland Australia
    • What got you into filmmaking/photography: I am a Mix Engineer & Composer. Video is simply a way to get my work seen.
    • Who your favorite creator is: Um me. Oh you mean other people. They are mostly musicians but I respect anyone who is passionate about telling a story - pure technicality is a real turn off for me.
    • What your favorite movie/TV series is: I usually say my fave movie is "A Clockwork Orange". TV is ever changing but we are really enjoying SWAT. it is so nice that the people are nice and things work out. I hate all that messed-up stuff like what happened to X-Files.
    • What you're working on next!: I just posted a new album with video courtesy of HitFilm express and Terragen (posted here in the forum) so I have no idea. I'll float for a week or so i guess until something sparks me and then I'll be off again.


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    I'm Kevin and I've been a FX home user for a while now and i like to help people primarily with hardware questions/research/advice when i find the time to do so.

    I'm known here as someone who is passionate about FX home and first of all i just want to apologize for those moments since your vision is your own. I certainly have had an interesting way of sharing my opinion, it could definitely be more civilized. Infact, I just lol'ed after reading my FX thread.

    Movie wise i prefer sci-fi and drama but not entirely lovey-dovey scenes or build ups. My favorite movie of all time is without a doubt "The Martian". I just think it's got a perfect blend of interesting build ups, music and feel good moments, combined with fantastic audio and video. My favorite series of all time is CAT 8, which is probably considered indie but that's the one that keeps standing out. I can't put my finger on exactly why I like it other than I'm weak for the disaster genre. I also prefer blu rays for the extra content, and enjoy watching how a movie was made after I finished watching it.

    That's me.

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    Hi I'm Dan Wilkiknson (no relation to Axel, that I'm aware of). I started a YouTube channel about geocaching here in Arizona and quickly discovered the wonderful world of Copyright Claim. I was looking for software to remove the music from my videos and was absolutely not going to pay for Premier. Learning to use HitFilm Express has been a bit of a bigger bite than I thought at first, but it has become quite rewarding learning all the tricks. I use Film Sensei and FXHome tutorials, mostly, but also check out This Guy Edits, Corridor Crew, and Film Riot to see how absolutely amateurish I am. I have gotten quite used to watching everyone explain how to pull off some pretty amazing stunts. In the last week I have seen two video editing contests and actually had ideas for them, so I already entered one and I'm putting something together for FXHome's.

    For editing I got me an Aurora R9 and a couple of monitors just before everyone started snatching up pc's for their home office. I want them to bring back Firefly. The only game I play any more is Skyrim. Fixing transit buses pays the bills. Coffee is king.

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    I`m Elison from London, UK 😘

    Currently working on myself 😏

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    I am from Michigan. I stopped my creative side many years ago due to working too much. Recently, I decided that I really wanted to get back to doing some of the stuff that I enjoy. I am a graphic artist, hobbyist photographer, layout artist, and I dibble and dabble with video (past life)… Basically, anything creative, I am in to. I have a keen eye for detail, and I can make everything that I see "into art" in my head... I love art. As mentioned, I have not done any of this creative stuff for sometime, and am anxious to get back in the swing of things. I recently picked up my camera, and have started shooting, which was a good start. I have opened up Quark and Corel, which is a better start. I have also researched several video editing programs. I am trying to choose between DaVinci Resolve and Hitfilm Pro. I am leaning more towards Hitfilm Pro for the special effects. However, my dilemma is that I can not find any information on how to get started. Some stuff is self explanatory, but... Is there any information out there to get you started on a project? I am looking for at least one video for beginners. A video that assumes you know nothing. I have skimmed across some for the actual free version, but not Pro. I have the Pro version downloaded as a trial, in hopes to decide if I will make the purchase in 14 days from now. Nice to meet everyone! Any help would be appreciated, and I thank you in advance.

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    Is there any information out there to get you started on a project? I am looking for at least one video for beginners. A video that assumes you know nothing. I have skimmed across some for the actual free version, but not Pro.

    Welcome! In terms of getting-started materials, what you've found for Express will work just fine for Pro. The only difference is that Pro has more effects, and a handful of unique/enhanced features compared to Express. When it comes to the vast majority of their features, though, they're identical.

    There have been some significant changes to both Express and Pro in the past couple of years, but this series by @Triem23 is still a great place to start:

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    Hi, I'm Pierre Henning, a retired Quantity Surveyor living in a small coastal town, Pringle Bay, near Cape Town.

    Having spent a lifetime in the construction industry, I was more-or-less forced to retire 7 years ago at the age of 63, due the loss of the below-the-knee right leg (cancer).

    My passion for art and in particular photography led me to small , private video productions and of course Hitfilm Express. A current project is about preparing a simple tuna meal and I also incorporate characters from Mixamo, using Blender to enhance the animation.

    As far as Hitfilm is concerned I try to never miss a tutorial/tips/advice from Javert, FilmSensei, Axel, Zach Tom, etc.

    I must add that the support and help from the guys at Hitfilm Express is probably the most friendly, effective and quickest of all software packages I've encountered thus far.

    Thanks, guys!

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    I've been pottering about the forums fo rthe last few weeks and figured I'd introduce myself.

    Where you're from

    Canada - Quebec - Gatineau.

    What got you into filmmaking/photography

    I did some black and white film photogrpahy back in high school and then didn't touch it for years. Bought a DSLR for a trip to England and Ireland (Rebel XSi) and next think I knew I was shooting portraits, weddings, boudoir, events ... then I slowly transitioned into video.

    My first wedding was neerly a disaster. I was not ready.

    Who your favorite creator is

    On YouTube?

    • I love Film Riot,
    • John Hess was doing great video essays but hasn't done one in a while,
    • Rocket Jump Film School (RiP)

    What your favorite movie/TV series is

    Dr. Who watched pretty much all of it from the old black and white Hartnell days up to the Cappelli. Problem is it's hard to watch here in Canada.

    In terms of movies? Fight Club, Snatch, Star Wars (original trilogy), In the mouth of Madness, Event Horizon, Room 1408.

    Anime? Akira, anything from Studio Ghibli. :)

    What you're working on next!

    Nothing ... and it's depressing as all heck. In terms of video I mostly do talking head commercials for small businesses ... that's kind of dead in the water what with COVID. I'm playing around with tutorial videos and the likes but nothing finished yet. I'm desperately bored.

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    @SimonKJones Kieron Gillen - I know that one! Absolutely amazing writer, and coincidentally the nicest person I met on a London DLR carriage!

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    Hi, On YouTube I'm Antoine, The Complex Games Apologist. I’m from the midwestern US.

    I started with Express a few years ago as a way to create voice-over presentation videos, mograph type stuff like the larger History channels and the complexly guys do...on a budget.

    HitFilm is a star when it comes to performance on my medium-tier computer. As my time for production ebbs and flows, subscription based software can’t cover its costs on the months I don’t manage to put out videos, so traditional pricing is much more my speed.

    for the moment, My videos are about Tabletop RPG stuff. (the Dungeons and Dragons type thing), though you may have seen I’ve started posting some demos of HitFilm’s capabilities in the motion graphics department and I might look to post some tutorials on that in the coming year.

    I tried making videos using whatever excuse for an editor was on Linux back in 2010 or so, so I guess you could say that’s where I got my start.

    Im not really oriented around filmmaking (yes i love movies) as much as I’m interested in educational video and information design/mograph. In that realm Carl Sagan/Ann Druyan and David Attenborough have a strong formative presence in my mind, along with a mograph focused CGI history documentary, called “Battles” that was on public Television around 1996 or so in the US. When I started my channel, the work on Complexly’s lineup of channels was perhaps at the front of my mind.

    upcoming projects focus on an effort to create a recurring “show” on my channel to experiment with paths to reaching new audiences. “How I’d use this Map” is a working title.

    here’s some links to my quick Reddit demos:

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    Ha nice! I interviewed him earlier in the year for the Writing Life podcast and he was indeed lovely (and clever).

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    @SimonKJones Hey, Simon! Glad to see you drop in. Hopefully we'll see you around more.

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    @SimonKJones Unless I am very mistaken, were you not a major part of a FutureLearn Animation course a few years back that I took...twice! :) because it was so good and informative.

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    Hi all,

    ive been on here for years checking back on and off but not sure if Ive seen this thread

    • Where you're from

    Leeds, England

    • What got you into filmmaking/photography

    Always loved movies since I was a kid and helped my brother and friend (Andy) make a film when I was a teenager... had a massive break and years later found out Andy was showing some movies he’d made recently went and found out he’d been making them with a guy called Mark (who turned out to be my wife’s cousin.. I know right) and was hooked again and been making them with my bro since.

    • Who your favorite creator is

    Corridor Digital, Film Riot

    • What your favorite movie/TV series is

    Lord of the Rings (I know it’s a trilogy but it’s basically one long film split into 3 🤪), TV show - changes all the time. Loved GoT till the last very rushed season but recently Cobra Kai smashed my expectations

    • What you're working on next!

    Ideas for a fan film and learning how to use Blender.. not sure if I like it but I keep going back to it so there must be something in it 😂