[FEATURE] Markers on the Editor timeline

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The ability to press a keyboard shortcut (even while playback is running) and have HitFilm put down a marker at that point in time.

Markers can be extended to cover a time range, have notes/titles for easy readability, and can change color.



  • Triem23
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  • Potter_Productions
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    defo, would save those small stops in playback when u accidently clicked something or when u just want to look at something else

  • RNade_
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    And most important: if you put a marker on a clip and then you need to create a composite from that clip that marker has to be importend in the new composition to help you out with editing. I love to use markers to just point where the effect has to start/end and it will be impossible to do it if the marker stay only in the editor timeline.

  • lyme74
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    Is it possible to create a mark on the timeline?

    I know that label can be added to tracks with colours

    But what I mean is adding a precise mark on timeline

    So that I may create marks on first time I watch the whole clip

    Then on the second time, I may refer to the mark description and click to direct there and edit from there

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    @lyme74 I've merged your thread with this older one with the same feature request.

    Please make certain to check the Feature Request forum before posting to avoid duplicates.

    In the meantime, make certain to click "Vote Up" under Javert's post at the top of the thread. 😊

  • Fatal_Funk
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    I have made my vote in the forums for this feature, This is the diagram I sent FX Home, fingers crossed.

  • datoaliffalex
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    I'm using VEGAS POST Suite software, so VEGAS Effects is technically the same software with Hitfilm Pro.

    Can we have simple "marker" features in the compositing timeline? I used it alot when editing with VEGAS Pro NLE, would be nice to have small marker inside VEGAS Effects/Hitfilm as guidance/indication inside the timelime.

  • FilmSensei
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    @datoaliffalex I merged your request into the same feature request by Javert from August 25. Go to the top and upvote his request along with the rest of our upvotes. Thanks for you contribution. Hopefully, we can get the attention of the developers!

  • PrincessTissy
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    Being able to have a marker on the editor timeline would be great! In audio editing software, you can mark the overall timeline. Many people use it as a reference point to slice a track, but honestly, markers are helpful to everyone.

  • tddavis
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    @PrincessTissy I merged your suggestion into this one that already existed. Be sure to scroll up to the first comment and click Vote Up to help show interest to the devs.

    PPRMO Posts: 17 Just Starting Out*

    oh god yes! Its such a pain to use plane as a marker. Most of the time it just gets lost in the timeline when the project is big. It would be so much easier if we had markers like every other editing program has. Upvoted!

  • synclab
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    I must join this quest to have markers not just one and a marker ruler markers should be ale to be renamed also commands to quickly navigate thru them and/or a markers list panel where you could see the the markers name and time. with the possibility of editing both values and them to be reflected on the markers and viceversa. please please.

    Also if that is implemented a context menu (right click over the marker ruler between 2 markers to select 'set in/out to markers' ) command for setting the export selection, and while we are there a cut variant of same command. Those could improve the editing navigating work flow IMHO. :)

  • mabdelbary
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    Add several markers to the Editor Timeline or the preview window with the ability of creating comments in different colors. Also, to snap to these markers.


  • Triem23
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    @mabdelbary I have merge your thread with this existing one. Remember to vote up at the top! 👍

  • Anhoeng
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    I would love to see this in a composite shot as well as the editor timeline

  • spydurhank
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    Voted up. Yeah, on the timeline and in Comp Shots.

  • candel
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    Hello there!

    I'm learning Hitfilm Express and can't find how can I put markers on the timeline. Can you tell me please, what's the key for placing markers on the timeline or is there that feature in this software? If there isn't this function in the Hitfilm, what plugin can I use to overcome the problem, because it's very inconvenient to work without markers.


    UPD: Sorry for my English. It's not my mother tongue.

  • tddavis
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    @candel Don't beat yourself up looking. 😁 At the moment Markers are not a feature of Hitfilm (Pro or Express) but it is a frequently requested topic. I am going to merge your comment into the existing request and do go to the first post here and click upvote so your support for it will be counted.

  • Dimipapa
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    FXHome please, I understand you have a triage when it comes to features, but this is an extremely requested quality of life feature, and it's been so for years. If it's in the back burner, please move it to the front burner. I can't tell you how annoying it is when I'm trying to set up keyframes in a comp. I have to open an endless sub menus to finally see the keyframes of the first effect then scroll down and hope I don't accidentally move the cursor. You know what would make something like this a lot easier? Markers that are easily snapped onto. Not to mention the countless other things they are useful for.

    PLEASE 🙏

  • TheBenNorris
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    @Dimipapa There probably hasn't been a huge amount of official activity in the comments here, since it's not something we can often easily contribute to - but I'd like to assure yourself and others that we are keeping an eye on the requests here and reading every request that's made.

    The number of upvotes on this is wild, and I can understand why, so please rest assured that we are doing lots of work behind the scenes to see what we can do for features yourself and others are requesting.

    I'd like to add it's also really helpful to see all of you so passionate about things, it really helps us out and hopefully with your suggestions we can truly make HitFilm the best it can be.

  • wkiess01
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    OMG, Still no markers? When every other editor has them? I've been waiting for 2 years and it's still not done? Well, that's the reason I haven't shelled out for an update. Sure, HitFilm is cheaper than EDIUS, but in EDIUS I have timeline markers! Come on FXHOME, give us markers!!!! Then, and only then, will I be investing in an upgrade, and you get my cash...

  • fxhomer24261
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    hashtag-me-too ... V16 and markers missed badly.

    Im actually an audio guy and not too deep into video so far. Thanks to all posters for the potential alternatives, just in case ... I'm certainly not going to wait years.

  • Heimbad
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    Yes, please, add markers!! The sooner the better (from what I'm reading, we're already at the "very-much-later" stage ;)).

  • dxnvfx
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  • LaysDragon
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    Please add this feature!!

    Marker would be really nice feature to organizing bits and pieces on the timeline that are need to edit later :D

  • mavriq
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    This is a must have. Please add.

  • Benji3D
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    This feature's gonna be saving lives...


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  • StinkTofu
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    Additional idea for practical implementation: they should move with Sequence Clips they are 'on' (or between, if positioned exactly at a place where Sequence Clips are split). Or if that might be too complicated to implement, maybe at least make them move when using the Track Select Tool ;)