[ENHANCEMENT] More text options in the Timecode effect

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Would it be possible to add more customization options to the timecode effect? Like being able to change the font, add border/outline/stroke, use paragraph alignment, alter spacing between characters, or change the speed of the time code with a keyframes "Scale" parameter?


  • borkia
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    Oh, that would be great! I use both time code and frame number pretty often.

    Another great addition for this effect would be generating countdowns (for example one number per second).

  • SolidSnake2003
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    Yeah I'm wanting to do an authentic VHS effect on a personal project of mine.

  • KevinKemp
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    Yup I really need this too.

    Choose Fonts. (REALLY need this)

    Adjust what is shown in the timecode - just seconds etc.



  • HakanAkbulut
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    I've been using Timecode quite a few times by now but I've always wanted to customize it with stylized fonts. This is not possible, unfortunately. I'd love to have the option to just change the blocky font into whatever my computer has to offer.

  • Paze
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    Currently, Timecode only lets you change scale, format, position, background and text color/opacity.

    I personally believe that more parameters should be added to this. Some of these parameters include:

    • Font: Ability to change the font of the Timecode object
    • Outline/stroke: Ability to add an outline/stroke to the Timecode object, similar to how text objects are.
    • Paragraph Alignment: Ability to change the alignment of the timer to left & right alignment
    • Spacing: Ability to change the letter, word and character spacing on a Timecode object, similar to how text object
    • Speed: Ability to speed up/slow down the timer using keyframes.

    Those are just some of my own ideas. If anyone can come up with more, it'd make Timecode a lot more flexible. By adding these, it'd be way easier to make countdown/stopwatch presets and would save a lot of time instead of having to search for workarounds.

  • FrancoJ
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    I was thinking the same thing!

    Could also add the ability to customise the timer insted of giving us presets for Frames and Milliseconds

    I would love to be able to set my timecode to just display seconds.

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    @Paze @FrancoJ I have merged Paze's thread with this older one making the exact same request. One thread per request, only, to keep things clean and votes grouped.

    So make sure you up vote this thread.