Question on Sony movie studio 13 platinum

Does anyone use sony's movie studio 13 platinum with hitfilm 2 ultimate, and if so, any thoughts on this program and how well they work together ? How exactly do they work together?
I have power director 12 which I use and it's not bad. However, I like the idea of being able to seamlessly use both a Sony editor and hitfilm together. I've tried Sony Vegas pro, but only need an editor like movie studio, ( a more simple and cost effective program for editing) provided it's a decent program. Thanks for the input.


  • GKDantas
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    I think that Platinum version doesnt support HFU2 integration.
  • CalebK
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    My friend bought that and wasn't too impressed. If your looking for a good linear editor with good color grading and some effects I would check out lightworks. They do have a demo as well.
  • Marcin
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    HF2 (Ultimate and Express) integration works with Sony Movie Studio Platinum. You can import HF project into SMSP and put it on the timeline. You can also apply HF to a video event on the timeline. Also generating proxy for HF project works. But, after few experiments, I found that it is still better to export HF project ans image sequence and use it SMSP- maybe my GPU is to weak (GTX 650Ti Boost 2GB), but adding motion blur and shadows caused preview in SMSP to stutter, so I understood why export to image sequence is so important :)
    I used Power Director v9 and I think SMSP is better.
  • GKDantas
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    Good to know... maybe we can use a trial to test Sony pack with HFU2
  • Thanks for the input. I'm not crazy about vegas pro or movie studio. I've been using power director and although it has it's limitations, I like it. Thanks again
  • I'll look into light works, thanks. Anyone here have any experience with it? I'll download the trial program and report back on what I think of it.
  • Triem23
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    As Marcin said, Hitfilm/Vegas integration works well, but, yeah, I'll usually export image sequences from Hitfilm, or uncompressed AVI if I'm doing heavy work with 3D and particles--Look at it like this: I'm not a coder, so I don't know exactly how it works, but Hitfilm has functionality that Vegas doesn't. It can't be built into a Vegas library, because--well, Vegas would then have that power (That's what Hitfilm plug-in's are for), which means Vegas is making system calls to an outside program, then rendering--this will slow previews down, although it's not bad if you're doing something fairly simple, like grading with Hitfilm effects.
    That said, I've used Vegas, Avid, Premiere, FCPX, and others--when I HAVE to for work, I'll use that other software. Vegas happens to be my NLE of choice. Personal opinion--Vegas does work differently from any other NLE, but those differences work well for me, and make me 4-to-10 times faster in Vegas than any other NLE.
    I would say the additional money for Vegas Pro is worth it--Vegas Pro supports scripting, Studio doesn't There are many free scripts to automate tasks, and some excellent script-based plug-ins that have tools that turn an already fast editor into a faster editor. I personally own Ultimate S pro, Vegasaur and Production Assistant 2. PA2 and Ultimate S are from the same company and mostly do the same things--of the two, I prefer Ultimate S. Theres also Ecalibut for Vegas and Veggie-Toolkit for Vegas., As well as Vasst's Fasst App line, and specialty tools like Scattershot 3D. (Scattershot 3D turn building a 3D slideshow into about 30 seconds of mouse work).
  • Excellent post, thanks.
  • Triem23
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    And, of course, Lightworks, Premiere, Vegas, etc all have demos. Download the demos, give them all the same footage/project, and see which one feels best to you.