Best Workflow for compositing a video out of many clips and sync to audio beat

I have a big issue making my first big video compositing.

Here is what I want:
1. I have ~15 movie clips without audio
2. I have an audio track which I want to use as background music
3. I want to sync parts of each clip to the music so it matches nicely by speeding up or slowing down the clip on different positions (mostly velocity effects)
4. I want add transition effects between the clips (fade in/out, flash, zoom...)

1. In the Video Editor I can add the fading effects via drag&drop, arrange my videos but I can not use the graph editor to keyframe my video speed to match the audio
2. In the composite editor I can to keyframing the speed, but I have to add the full audio track and crop the part of the audio track which I guess I will use in the final video, but that might change e.g. when I realize that I want to put another clip in between
3. In the composite editor I can't drag & drop transition effects
4. The resulting video length after sped up isn't shown in the graph length. I cut the track on the position where the resulting clip really ends then the video loses parts in the resulting video

Any proposals?


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    @ MasterFX,

    I'm gonna link you to this thread which explains the difference between a Composite Shot and the Editor Timeline,

    As with key framing the speed, after you are done in the composite shot, you could go into the settings for the audio and move the audio slider far to the left, which will delete the audio from the comp, and the video in the editor will match up to the audio, sorry if that sounds weird it's kind of hard to explain

  •  Ok thanks.

    But it doesn't help me with the problem, that I have to guess which part of the audio I'm synching in the Composite Editor.

    Let me try to explain again:

    I make 10 composite shots and sync it to the guessed audio part. Then I arrange all 10 composite shots in the Editor Timeline, and then I realize that they doesn't fit perfectly or that I want to insert a couple of seconds of an other clip. Then I have to re-edit 8 composite shots again.. guessing which part of the audio I want to sync... It sounds like more work, if I just can do all the speed keyframing for all clips in one editor, because I have everthing in one view... but it seems like that doesn't work :-(

    The problem is, if I resync a composite shot, the resulting length changes. So the next composite shot has to be shifted in the timeline. This makes it really hard to perfect match each length to get a uninterrupted video

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    I’d not edit the audio in a comp, I would edit it in the editor if I was having problems, sorry I didn’t understand your post

  • I try again.

    If I want to sync a clip via keyframing the speed (velocity effect) I have to use a comp. shot. Also I have to have the audio part in the comp. shot to hear what I'm synching to. 
    When I'm done with my ten comp. shots, I put all in the timeline together and remove (or mute) all audio from the comp. shots since the whole song is in the timeline editor.
    If everthing fits perfect, then I don't have any problems. But if it doesn't (for example one clip is shorter than I thought) then I have to re-edit this specific shot and all which are coming after that in the worst case.

  • Okay, it seems like Blender can do exactly what I want.
    Very sad that a charged piece of software (I got the Pro Version) can't do that.


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     @MasterFX: "Very sad that a charged piece of software (I got the Pro Version) can't do that."

    I'm sorry, but that's just flawed logic. Just because a product carries a price tag doesn't mean that it's going to have every feature under the sun.

    Keep in mind that both Blender and After Effects (which I believe has a similar feature) have been around for a LOT longer than HitFilm (decades for Blender and AE vs 9 years for HitFilm). You could probably invite the entire FXhome staff to your house and have a comfortable party, whereas you'd have to rent a banquet hall (or two) to fit the Adobe team, or the entire list of contributors to Blender's code base.

    I'm sure the FXhome crew would love to have that type of feature in the software, but things have to happen at the pace their team can handle.

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    Closing this thread, as it seems to have run its course.

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