Hello, I'm new here but I have a question....

Hello, my name is Kiara and I'm 15 and a young screenwriter/filmmaker and I'm new to the forum and so I don't know if I'm asking this in the right section or not but, I’m currently writing this screenplay called “7″ about this homeless man and his three children and after his children are kidnapped, he’s offered a deal – if he wants them back, he has to complete seven high risk and high crime tasks and if he completes all seven tasks in seven days, he not only gets his children back but he gets $27 million dollars. I have written only twenty-eight pages of it, but I would like it if someone who has some experience in screenwriting, can or could read what I’ve written so far and tell me what needs changing and what doesn’t and all of that. So is there anyone here who can assist me or help me with that?


  • SimonKJones
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    Hey Kiara! Welcome to the forum. Hopefully you'll get some takers to give your script a read.
    This is primarily a post-production, visual effects-focused community, though, so there are fewer writers here than there are VFX artists. You might also want to check out some writing communities. A quick Google should reveal some, and I'm sure there must be some out there which are as friendly and constructive as HitFilm.com. :)
  • Oh, I see, alright I will Google some and see if I can find any. Thanks for responding :)
  • KirstieT
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    Are you looking to make it a short Kiara or are you going for a proper full length feature? 
    28 pages is a hefty script :) 
    It's really nice to see someone getting into scriptwriting at a young age :) Do what Simon says (ha) and you'll be sure to find some good communities. Good luck with your script!