After Effects won't save or render out?

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I realize that this isn't really the place for super techinical questions about Adobe software, but for whatever reason the Adobe help forums will not load and my copy of after effects absolutely refuses to save my files or render anything out. When I try I get this message:
'After Effects Error. Can't overwrite file "'Users/mycomputer/library/Preferences/Adobe/After-Effects/10.0/Adobe After Effects 10.0 - x64 Prefs".'
Now full disclosure: It is a pirated copy. It worked fine on my old computer and only started acting up when I backed everything up and moved it to my new computer. I have also tried downloading other AE torrents but they do the same thing once I have them up and running.
I know that in the past that FXHome wasn't the biggest fan of pirated stuff (undertsandably being software developers themselves) and I'm sure that HitFilm is the same. However I'm really in a tight jam right now so if anyone has anything that they think might help please feel free to reply or if you're not comfortable doing it on the forums given the topic then please either PM me, or the email that I check the most is [REDACTED]
Thank you for your time and I hope that someone has an answer for me.


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