Integration with Cinema4D and also with Maya

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Could you please advise on how to bring your data into Maxon Cinema 4D.
Perhaps by way of a plugin? , like you did for Blender, perhaps by also  utilising the existing .py script too.

Same for Maya please..


  • TheBenNorris
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    @jrpmedia we do not currently officially support C4D or Maya, only Blender, but it may be considered for a future update.

  • Triem23
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    Wash the data through Blender. Blender can export cameras and nulls in the Maya .ma format. 

  • tddavis
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    @Triem23 I thought I had seen you post something to that effect, but since I, like Jon Snow, know nothing I waited for you to confirm it for me.

  • keithham
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    I know this is an old post, but I have some insight on this regarding Cinema 4D.

    You'll need the PAID version of CamTrackAR which allows you to import the tracking data into After Effects. After import, make sure the comp created by the .jsx script is selected and go to File -> Export -> Maxon Cinema 4D Exporter. You'll be asked to enter a filename, and a Cinema 4D file will be created with your camera and anchor points. Open the file in Cinema 4D or Cinema 4D Lite and go to work. I've done it once, and it worked great.

  • stefanleutwyler
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    Just import the fbx!

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