Error shifting track data to Maya via "live link."

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  • mayaguy
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    Hi. I purchased the camtrack AR app yesterday after seeing your marketing video doing the rounds. I wanted to test it out and do some content on it for my YouTube channel (mayaguytutorials) . I thought I would pass on a bug for you to consider looking in to. I can track footage in AE and then connect back to maya with the maya/after effects 'live link' optoin. This enables the 2 softwares to connect to each-other. My workflow is to track and solve in ae and then pass the camera and any null information over to Maya which instantly picks up the ae camera and nulls (track points). When trying to pass the ae camera and nulls that are generated from the .jsx file over the ae live link connection Maya crashes every time and has not yet managed to accept the file. From what I see this /jsx file is creating a standard ae camera and subsequent nulls so it should (which is why I purchased the app) pass this over without an issue. Are you able to look into this or offer up any kind of ideas as to why this might be happening. If it can be fixed I can do a tutorial on it and maybe get you some more app downloads in the Maya community?

  • Triem23
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    @mayaguy Hi! Forum mods don't work for FXHOME, and I'm not an Apple or Adobe user, so I have no insights other than maybe trying washing the data through one of the AE to Maya export scripts that predate live-linking.

    Otherwise, I've split your question into this new thread. In the future, please make a new thread for a new question rather than go off-topic in an existing thread.

  • NickDevTeam
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    @mayaguy - Thanks for letting us know about this issue. At the moment, particularly with the initial release, we've been concentrating on export to HitFilm and AE. It seems this is an issue between AE and Maya, which makes it a little tricky to debug as we're not currently running Maya here so may need your assistance on this.

    Could you try deleting the Nulls and see if Live-link works, and if it still crashes, delete the Camera and just link the nulls to narrow it down a bit? It could be down to parenting of layers, etc., at this moment we don't know.

    Are there any helpful messages from Maya when it crashes? We'd love to see tutorials using Maya, so if we can fix this, we'd certainly do all we can to.

    As a way forward, I believe Autodesk maintains the Maya Live Link? Would you be able to put in a Support Request with them, linking them to the Composite and determine if there's anything we can change on our side to assist with this? I see some existing tickets with Autodesk about live link crashes so this may be the best approach for now.

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