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I'm always the novice.........But even though I set my iPad to record 1920 x 1080 30fps, when I copied the files to my PC for editing, it turned into 1920 x 1440 60fps. I'd prefer my size and rate, can you please tell me what I am doing wrong? :(


  • TheBenNorris
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    @WedgeOz the app currently records at the maximum camera size, this way it captures as much data as possible (better than not enough, you can always trim the footage down later). As for frame rate, currently the app records at 60fps but other frame rates may be handled in future updates.

  • WedgeOz
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    Thanks Ben! Yup.....was kinda assuming that......and as I write this, am experimenting with a workaround in regards to trimming. Doesn't detract from my enjoyment. This app is the answer to my dreams!

    Thanks heaps! :)

  • IamJoshuaDavies
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    The video framerate and resolution are limited by ARKit - this is why the framerate is 60fps, and we don't do UHD resolution. ARKit uses the full sensor (which is 4:3, not 16:9), so we give you all we can which is 1920 x 1440. This gives you some nice vertical cropping potential in post, and more pixels is always better than throwing them away.

  • WedgeOz
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    Thanks Josh! I agree...............the more the merrier! At first I just thought I was doing something wrong. But, all good now as far as I'm concerned :)

  • punchymcpuncherton
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    resolution is workable as is,  but would be great to be able to adjust frame rate.

  • triforcefx
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    Hopefully these limitations will pave the way for better framerate handling in HitFilm ?

    I haven’t been able to play with it much yet, but I can already tell that this is one of the best uses for AR that I’ve ever seen and it works great!

  • WedgeOz
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    Couldn't agree more @triforcefx. Gonna give it a good test run on the weekend :)