CamTrackAR Android Release?

NoahP Website User Posts: 5 Just Starting Out

CamTrackAR looks totally incredible but unfortunately I'm not an Apple user. Is there any chance of an Android version? Thank you!


  • tddavis
    tddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 4,549 Moderator

    @NoahP Sadly, as discussed elsewhere, the road to Android is going to take some complex programming.  So it looks to be a bit of a wait for us Galaxy S phone people :( 

  • feyiadebanjo
    feyiadebanjo Staff Administrator, Website User Posts: 30 Staff
    edited August 2020

    Yes as stated elsewhere, the reason that this app can only be used on iOS currently is down to the AR camera data we are able to pull from Apple’s hardware technology. We had to start somewhere and ARKit is amazingly good, and we're going to talk to Google about the best way forward for Android - so stay tuned!

  • tddavis
    tddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 4,549 Moderator

    I had one of the daughter's put it on her iphone today before she left for work.  Hope to get some footage this week to play with.

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