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Hello members of the FxHome forums =). I wanted to bring awareness to the power of Hitfilm and how it has allowed me to chase my passion for making gaming videos. Every single video I have made on this channel has been edited using Hitfilm Pro and its powerful compositing. Alongside using Hitfilm for editing videos, I also use Affinity Photo for creating my gaming thumbnails and banners. I really just wanted to make this post to give a quick showcase of what exactly can be created using Hitfilm. Anything is possible with this software and with the right drive, anyone can become a creator. If anyone has any questions about any of the effects in my videos, make sure to leave a comment in this discussion or comment on my videos and I will reply as fast as possible. Thank you guys for reading this post and make sure to keep creating!

YonMan Gaming Channel Showcase



  • OliThompsonOliThompson Staff Administrator, Website User Posts: 140 Staff

    @Killadadilla Really awesome job on the production of these videos! Keep it up and I look forward to seeing your channel grow! :)

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    No offence but, to be honest, you made awfully cheap promotion of your channel covered with an overwhelming amount of "oh" and "ah" for HFP while you made nothing fancy there.

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    @Gelqone we like to be nice and supportive on these forums, and we always encourage users to share anything they've made in our software, as we love to see it.

    I recommend you check our community participation guidelines, as we prefer that users are respectful at all times.

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    @Gelqone I really appreciate your straightforwardness with your answer as well as your honesty although that is completely against what I went for with this post. My YouTube channel is the only showcase I have in order for me personally to present what is possible in using Hitfilm Pro. Of course, I linked my channel in order to create a presentation of my effects as well as other edits that I do, but I never posted this with the sole intent to market myself. The beauty of creating content is that one creates in order to feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment. While you may not think my work is extraordinary, I know that in my heart, this is what helps me wake up in the mornings. I appreciate your honesty but I respectfully disagree with your statement. Thank you.

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    Thank you @OliThompson! If it weren't for you guys at Fxhome, I don't know what my direction in life would be. I always watch your guys' tutorials and effects and I'm astonished as to how anyone could possibly think up these crazy effects. From the staff on the YouTube videos to the staff that works in the Fxhome back office, I greatly appreciate all of your work and dedication to making video editing so much more simple! Thank you!

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    Sorry for my direct speech, I did not want to offend anyone, I have written my feelings because your post is, let's say, quite "specific". If it's my bad, i am sorry.
    We all like HFP very much and it's great you joined this group. I wish you success and constant development in creating with HFP. Best wishes to you!

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