Super 8mm Film Effect

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It would be cool if we can somehow make something like this for Hitfilm instead of Final Cut... Like have something we can drag onto the composite or editor. Everyone is using this these days and i feel left out haha. Is there something like this on hitfilm already or do I have to make my own?


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    "Everyone is using these... I feel left out!" 

    I mean, you could use something similar, but, if "everyone" is using it, you'll look like everyone else. Wouldn't you rather be unique and stylish? ?

    This exact frame effect isn't already in Hitfilm, butt his is absolutely buildable. A simple Google search for "Filmstrip" will give you dozens of filmstrip graphics to use as a template for the frames. Embedding and resizing/masking duplicates of a comp shot would quickly recreate the look. By building with  embedded comp shots dropping new media into the embedded comp would update the final effect. Hitfilm has a light leak effect. This could be built in under 15 minutes - and that includes the Google search and asset download.

    Saving out the project would enable quick reuse by loading the template project into another project via "Import Composite Shot."

    You could even use one of the Classic Cine Style effects to give the actual look of suoer 8mm film, because that template looks nothing like super 8mm. Super 8mm has a 4:3 aspect ratio, an 18 fps cadence, faded color and heavy grain (from being  1/48 the surface area of 35mm film. (Also the film perf wouldn't actually show, but that's the artistic choice used to pretend something shot on digital video is film.) Also, with film, the surrounding frames should be offset by a frame either way on the timeline, not identical. Building a preset with offset fames, grain, faded colors and the correct frame rate will help create an accurate film look. It'll look better than that final cut preset which just looks like bad digital. 

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    @leuanam Have you seen this tutorial by Axel?

    It is an older tutorial, but it provides the basics of what you would want to do to get there.

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    @FilmSensei I have and it is for the colour grade. All that I am trying to do is equip my arsenal of knowledge in HitFilm with the overlay. Thanks for your help tho!


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    @Triem23 I know I should be unique and that is what I strive for. For example in my airsoft videos. I want to be unique by actually using a colour grade unlike other youtubers. Anyhow, it would be nice to equip my video editing skills within this part. 

    So First thing is First. I should search for film strip overlay and that should give the big cut out for the video? how about the small square off to the left? I never knew Hitfilm had a light leak effect. I need to check that out!

    And lastly, what do you mean by offset frames. What part is offset since I have nooo clue whats is talking about here?

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