Green screen recommendations

Hi guys, I'm suffering with Greenscreen already several months. So I would appreciate any recommendations.
As you can see on the right side there is a spill on the head and arm.
My setup:
- 2 daylight bulbs (45 W CFL-Daylight) with umbrellas for subject 45 degree left and right.
- I also tried with and without 2 softboxes (45w CLF-Daylight) to light greenscreen. From what I see the greenscreen is not perfectly lit.
- Greenscreen is 2 meters behind the subject
- I key it in Final cut pro
- My camera is Sony 5100 f1.4, iso 100, 25 fps, shutter 1/50, 1080p

The main problem is that I don't know what I need to adjust. Is it the greenscreen than should be lit better or something else? Do I need more light or should it be dimmable?

Video with background:

Raw video with greenscreen:

Greenscreen image:

Greenscreen Problems image:

Greenscreen Problems image 2:

Keyed out image:

Keyed out with sample color removal:

White/black image:

While/black with sample color removal:

I thought to buy 2-3 cheap lamps with diffuser to light greenscreen on the bottom.

I'm open for any suggestions. Thanks for your time.


  • tddavis
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    I took one of your png shots and ran it through Express 13 using a Color Difference key and had no problem.  I think your screen is balanced fine, with no shadows.  What exactly are you looking to make better? Here is the PNG result I got for you to see if it is what you are looking for.

    I also made a zip of the original shot this PNG and the Hitfilm Project file if that would be of use to you.!AsoyBtMWsTrhgeMOm8Ax2KcgkJ7QPg?e=V7Yjia

    As a rule, I try to use 5 lights for green screen.  The basic 3 point (Key, Fill, Back/Rim lights) and then two behind the subject pointed away toward the screen.  These can be on the floor pointing up, on the side pointing inward at an angle etc. then I garbage matte them out if they are in the shot.  Hope this answers your concerns.

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    Do I understand that  you are using Final Cut Pro? This is a HitFilm forum, so the answers you get will pertain to the HitFilm program. You should use HitFilm Express as noted by @Tddavis above. It is FREE and does a very good job as you can see by the result posted above.