Audio crackling when stacked?

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Yes, it only happens when multiple audio tracks are stacked above each other.Happens both in editor and composite timelines.Volumes omegle xender are untouched (all at 0).Also tried adding a fade effect near the ends and beginnings but still the same noise.I've tried looking for solutions but the only ones I can find is to match the sample rate, but it already is matched.I'm using Express 2017 btw




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    Check your audio meters. Remember Audio is ADDITIVE. There's a good chance that having multiple audio tracks playing at the same time is driving the combined audio volume up over 0dB which will cause distortion. You have to mix audio to avoid that.

    EDIT Out of curiousity, is there any particular reason you're using a nearly four year old version of Express instead of something current?

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    @Triem23 FWIW I asked them on the subreddit also, this is a crosspost. Unfortunately their machine is old and cannot run 14.

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