Moving a video file around the screen

Hi there! I edit for YouTube and I'm wanting to do something on this video, but not idea how.

Basically, one video on screen, I'd like to do a resize of it into one corner of the screen, from full screen to a small box.

Will I have to do this in composite or is there a transition for it? 


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    @SyntheticZero I know of no transition for it, but that does not mean there isn't one.  I would do it in a composite shot myself because, even though it can be done in the Editor, I can never see the key frames themselves for tweaking.  In the editor, I set a key at the start on Position and Scale then moved over (too much) and changed the Scale down and moved it up into a corner.  It does what you want but in my case it was slower than Christmas and I could not easily tweak it so I made a Composite and tried that way.  Layered one shot over the other; on the top one set keys for Position and Scale and then I could easily move them around to get timing where I wanted.

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    @SyntheticZero as @tddavis says, this will be doing keyframe animation of the position/scale properties of the media you want to zoom in on. You can do this in a Comp Shot which has a better layout for animation, but you can do this directly in the Editor Timeline.

    Terry, the Keyframe editor in the Editor Timeline is in a different panel - actually a sub window of the Controls panel. You find them like so:

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