Delay 2

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I find myself busy with real life again while I gear up for the Gotham Tales video.

with a special (brief) guest appearance.


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    @DafterThings I love it! Who was that dashing voice over actor? He was fantastic! :)

  • Triem23
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    @FilmSensei no one can tell! He was disguised, cleverly, with an orange bandana!

    Tony, even your throwaway "Delay" videos are better than some channel's main vids. 

    But I'm now highly amused I didn't submit a recording to you because I'd be out of the country for three months... Looks like I was back in plenty of time! ?

  • DafterThings
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    I didn't have anything to use as glasses so, sorry Jay, had to be the bandana.  

    I do remember saying When Darkness Falls would be done by summer. Admittedly that was summer 2019.
    I've made myself a little nervous now I have committed to making it next 

    The Delay videos are a joy to write and make. Basically *anything* goes.
    I printed all the doors and realised they were too big. I printed them again the right size, mixed up the two sheets, and then proceeded to make the set with the big ones.  
    I had a choice : Do it all again OR add a line to the script.... "Huh, big door" 

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    @DafterThings That's okay, I never wear my glasses when I teach or train, but the bandana was really cool! :)

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