Make editing quicker?

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This popped up on my feed, my personal thoughts are that it might make a small difference but would be interested in hearing people results


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    Good idea if one isn't multitasking. If working ONLY in Hitfilm (or other NLE) this will maximize performance. If moving between multiple programs, like, say Hitfilm/Blender you can really slow down the other program (or crash it) by denying resources. 

    Tutorial is specific to Premiere, despite saying "any video editor." You'll need to look in the Details panel for whichever NLE you are running (tutorial could have fixed this by saying "Right click on Video Editor XE, or whatever the name is of your NLE"). But it's a great tio! Thanks for sharing. 

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    The logo in the thumbnail show that the editor it is using is VSDC.

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    At any rate, Mike is right about putting all your eggs in one basket.  Running the priority at  Above Normal or Real Time could easily crash your system and you might lose your work if not recently saved.  Keep in mind that this also takes away priority from other system tasks such as moving the mouse, opening a folder and so on.   So interacting with the software would be cumbersome.  And jumping between programs would be difficult.

    This is no substitute for missing horsepower.   However, if you are doing only one thing such as rendering a file and you are going to start it and walk away, then setting a higher priority could be useful in that use case.

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