A Cinematographer's roundtable

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    We're in the digital age. New directors want the most detail they can, in the latitude they have and looking as near final as the DOP can; so they can go and play with it in post. It's still a hell of a job and Directors of Photography are still the geniuses of light.
    On 3D I agree it's mostly a gimmick and I'm ok with that. The same brain process that gives us the suspension of disbelief adds the required depth of field we need but we know that if they wouldn't have push 3d down the exhibitors throats we would still be watching film copies that degrade after the first day of projection. On sunday I went to see X-men and it was still crispy clean and beautiful to watch. Although I sometimes miss the scratch and pops.   
    Thanks Triem, It was a very good read!  To compensate here's this awesome DOP life gif page.
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