Problem combining two green screen images..

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Hi everyone, who wants to help me with the following. I want to merge multiple photos that have been photographed for a greenscreen into one whole. If I select chroma key for effects, on a folder of images, the green background will be removed, but the photos cannot overlap eachother. If I add the chroma key effect to the seperate photo layers it can. Howcome? Do I really need to add the chroma key effect to all the seperate image layers?

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  • SamuelMorris
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    @Marcskie I think I see what you mean. The problem is that when you add Chroma Key to the folder of images the images have already been composited together so the keying cuts through the entire stack of images. In this case you do have to add the effect to each layer so that they can overlap properly.

  • tddavis
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    @Marcskie I would think you would get better results adding it to each image separately since you might want to tweak settings a bit because not all green screens are lit the same way every time.  Just my 2 cents though... :)

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    @Marcskie Instead of chroma key wouldn't be easier to crop each image with a mask?