Can I create a randomly generated photo collage?

Hi everyone, I haven't used HitFilm much before and am looking into various solutions for this project.

I'm trying to create a photo collage video in which photos float down onto a pile of other photos that came before. I'd like them to be randomly rotated (within a certain range) and randomly placed within the camera view. Is this achievable in HitFilm Express? Or would it be easier to just place ~200 photos manually?

If it is possible, do you have any recommended tutorials or features I look into? 

Thank you!


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    edited July 2020

    This is not automatible in base Hitfilm Express. 

    It's pretty darned easy with the Particle Simulator add-on.

    There are no tutorials on how to specifically accomplish this, but I can link in the tutorials that will teach you the pieces of what you'd need to know. They'll all be older tutorials, so there will be minor interface differences. 

  • DataDesignDataDesign Website User Posts: 459 Enthusiast

    These tutorials may help. Not exactly your project, but could be modified. Works in Express.

  • macartkneemacartknee Website User Posts: 2

    Thank you guys! I'll take a look at both of those options!

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