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What I'm trying to do is get some text I have to look the same (color/material wise) as a frame that I have in another portion of my video. I've composited the source layer, there are masks involved in the composited layer. I'm using hitiflm pro. Kind of a newb at this but I have some a very basic idea of how to use masks/grade layers/set matte. I thought the set matte approach would work and it's only halfway there. It gives my text the same environmental mapping as the frame I use as a source, but it doesn't maintain any of the color. Just black/white/grey. And I know that's the essence of the matte effect, correct? So what can I do to achieve a similar effect while keeping the color I want? I was under the impression from my previous reading that using a composite shot as the set matte source would maintain the color

Source layer:

source layer

Text layer (with set matte to source layer):

Text Layer


To add. I was able to emulate the effect I'd like to have by using set matte on the "source layer" and using text as the alpha source. I turned off the view for the text and came up with this. The only problem is now I don't have my text effects and I'd like to figure out a way to keep them

End goal:

end goal


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    @GarryWithTwoRs I think the issue here is how you used Set Matte. This effect works by taking the layer you provide, and using it as a source of the alpha for the layer it is attached to. In this case, you want to apply the Set Matte effect to the colored circles, and set the source layer as the text.

    I'm not sure if it will work for all of the effects, but you should then be able to apply the effects to the colored circles after the Set Matte, for the same output.

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    @TheBenNorris That's exactly what I ended up doing. Except I'm making a composite shot of each scene with text and then applying the effects to said comp shot

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