All my YouTube subscriptions have stopped notifications.

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Since about Thursday 7/23/20 I have not received a single notification for my YouTube subscriptions to FX Home, @FilmSensei, @HitFilmUniversity, and about 10 others. This is very strange. I have gone to each YouTube channel individually and checked that I am still subscribed and that the bell icon is checked. I even responded to @FilmSensei on his channel and I know that he always responds within hours, but got no response. This was two days ago. It may be that I have accidentally clicked some setting or something, but I don't know what that may be. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem, or knows how to fix it.



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    @Datadesign I have also noticed it but I have no clue what it might be caused by or how to fix it either. Also, when I click set reminder on certain videos I do get a bell but usually well after the video has started like Sensei's recent bullet holes, but I was already on that page.

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    @DataDesign I responded to you. Strange that YouTube has stopped your notifications. I do not believe that I have had this problem. Maybe they don't like you! :)

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    Yea, I knew you would respond as usual. And I usually get 2 emails from your channel, one for "Hearts your comment" then one with a post from you. I got nothin' . I subscribe to almost 30 channels and get about 5 to 10 notifications each day on a "normal" day. But since Thursday, nothing. snif, waaah. Oh well, I hope it works itself out. I did sent a request to YouTube for help, but have not heard back yet.


    I had noticed notifications coming in "late". That is after the video was already out for several hours. But I did not think anything of it since I usually saw the video on my "Home" page on YouTube. Then, if I check my email before bed, I would see the notifications. But now, sadly nothing.

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    I tried unsubscribing and re-subscribing - but it had no effect.

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    Today I got 3 of my notifications back. Not sure what happened but I Googled the problem and there are a lot of topics on this.  But mostly it says "click the bell icon". Not helpful. I have no answers for why some are coming back, but I will wait and see if they all start appearing.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Youtube has a history with glitching like that. 

    i'm currently handling live streaming for some clients and we've had some problems attempting to verify channels because it kept asking us to punch in our phone numbers to send us verification codes, yet try as we might, it never worked. Customer Support is also very limited. You just have to pray that they noticed and solved things. 

    Google is a mega company that has released world class products, yet for all its glory, it has a record breaking negligence when it comes to customer service.

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    Yah, Youtube is so jacked, I have a video that seems to be stuck at about 50 views, when I know for a fact that it's should have a lot more, and as to notifications, I seem to only get notified for "suggested uploads", not my subscriptions. 

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    All my subscriptions began to notify again. but for the last two days, I have received zero, none, nada, zilch notifications. Rats.

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    Kevin @ The basic Film Maker has emailed his subscribers the following:


    YouTube, or should I say someone(s) at YouTube, has made the idiotic decision to stop emailing subscribers when we post our videos to YouTube, meaning, if you're not on a phone or device, with notifications on, in their YouTube app, you get nothing.

    Until they realize their blunder (I am already seeing lower view counts today because of this), I'll be sending out an email whenever I post a video to my main YouTube channel. That's about once or twice a week, and will be short with the thumbnail and a simple title just like they (YouTube)  did with their notifications.



    Sadly that seems to be what has happened to all my notification emails. Such is Life. :-(

    Link to Kevin's YouTube

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