Band of Brothers theme (piano cover video)

Capnstoobie Posts: 31 Enthusiast

Continuing my mission to make my piano videos more interesting with Hitfilm, I have recently finished a cover of the Band of Brothers theme song.  It is a beautiful piece, composed by Michael Kamen.  I only recently caught up with the Band of Brothers tv show, and since then couldn't get the theme out of my head :)



  • tddavis
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    @Capnstoobie Nicely done VFX work and beautifully played!

  • Capnstoobie
    Capnstoobie Posts: 31 Enthusiast

    Thanks! I'm sure my VFX work was not carried out in the most optimal way, but I got there in the end.

  • cluelessnube
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    Band of Brothers is a truly compelling story, beautifully filmed and scored, and can serve as an example for any aspiring film maker or musician.  Good choice!

    Just finished watching Saving Private Ryan, again, for about the 14th  time last night.  Hanks and team sure know what they're doing.  

    In a documentary about his life Tom Petty made a good point.  He said they would always play a new song on acoustic guitars only at the beginning, just to make sure they had a solid song that could stand on it's own.  Once that was confirmed, only then did they start adding the rest of the instrumentation, you know, the "special effects".