Compatibility issues

wils0007wils0007 Website User Posts: 1

I recently upgraded HitFilm express and after the installation I started receiving compatibility errors when starting up the application.  This would prevent the application from even starting.  I assumed this was due to the update.  Thus, I installed older versions of the software, but was unable to get rid of the error.  

I am not sure which version I was using prior to the update, but I went back several versions which did not seem to help.  I am using a pretty basic computer and the compatibility issues were always there.  They would cause random crashed in the software, but I was still able run the application and cope with the crashes as long as I saved regularly.  However, now no matter which version I use I get the error and can no longer use it.  Is there any suggestions for getting the application to ignore the compatibility errors so I can use the software regardless?


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