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Personally I am a big fan of animation, does anyone have any animated content they've made that they want to show off?


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    Wasn't made in HitFilm, but a while back I was getting familiar with Blender and made this WIP.

    Of course we've had our wonderful Tom combine the standard 3d blender workflow with HitFilm...but I'd like to try combining their 2d workflow too!

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    @TheBenNorris Sigh! If only all us Leo's were that blessed in life ? Cool effect on the 3D screen btw.

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    Does this count  all done in Hitfilm.

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    Nothing to show at the moment, but here's what I'm working on in that department.

    I'm really enjoying creating scenes in SketchUp, and it's very easy to animate a camera through the scenes.    (see hippy house here: ) 

    So step one, screen record a SketchUp scene to a video.   So far, so good, but while the camera is moving, nothing else is.

    So I'm going to marry what I've learned here with what I'm doing in SketchUp. 

    Create a MakeHuman character, animate in Mixamo (until I learn how in Blender) and then layer the animated character(s) on top of the SketchUp scene video in Hitfilm.

    So as example, picture a loop trail through the woods starting at the hippy house.  Create the house, woods and trail in SketchUp.  Animate the SketchUp camera down the trail.  Put MakeHuman hippy man on a walk or run cycle and layer him on top of the trail using Hitfilm.

    At the end of the jog hippy man walks up to the camera and blabbers on about his awesome pot stash, via CrazyTalk.

    At first I was trying to bring my entire 3D SketchUp model in to Hitfilm, but that's typically more than my 9 year old Mac can handle (smaller files work well).   So what I'm learning to do is screen record the SketchUp scene and then bring it in to Hitfilm as a 2D video, which of course works great.


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     Animations from a 3D program to Hitfilm, you ask? :)

    I use my 3D program Filmer with Hitfilm and just a few days ago, I added Unreal engine into my workflow. Pretty neat stuff going on. :)

    I've done a bunch of animations using Filmer/Blender to export the 3D scene geometry, cameras, empties, physics simulations, particle simulations, animations and render passes to Hitfilm for compositing. Awesome stuff.

    walkthrough of how I do it.

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    I've got my stop motion animations.
    Do they count?

    Perhaps the best examples where Hitfilm made a big difference is The Outer Realms...


  • GelqoneGelqone Website User Posts: 42 Just Starting Out

    Here you go:

    Except animated characters, 3d models and some double-color text, everything else made in HFP.

    Have a nice watch :)

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