HitFilm became buggy. Won't use ADD bledning mode for light saber?

vanya_kvanya_k Website User Posts: 141 Just Starting Out

I think something is wrong with my HitFilmPro. Like a bug or something. I am trying to appy light saber effect or electricity on a black plane and set it to ADD or SCREEN blend mode which I did million times and we all know what that does. But in  my case even after I restared my computer and program it's still not removing black after I apply blending mode. It's literally 1920 by 1080 p composit with same size Black Plane and than I drag Light Sword effect on it I cliick Blending Modes-Add (or even Screen). And it doesn't do anything. 

What should I do?


  • vanya_kvanya_k Website User Posts: 141 Just Starting Out
    edited July 2020

    I had to appply DEMULT to save the day because client needed to see the final shot but seriously sometimes I just don't understand when HitFilm won't do something like how is it even possible. It's a part of the code. Ugh. ANyway. I will reinsta the whole thing once I am in safe with this project.

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