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You may have seen on FXhome's social media that Javert has been recreating a scene from It using Unreal Engine. Has anyone else in the community been working on any similar environment building? If so, please feel free to share here!


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    @feyiadebanjo I'd would love to be able to do those...still waiting on Javert to figure it all and make a tutorial on it. so I will understand how...maybe.?

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    I have been using World Creator along with the Megascan assets inside of Unreal 4. I don't have anything of "real" quality to share yet but when I do I will indeed share.

    I do have a killer scene from the Unreal marketplace (free) called Goddess Temple that is absolutely stunning. It requires Unreal 4.25 (not a problem) which unfortunately also requires a video card capable of ray-tracing. ie: Nvidia RTX 20 series cards. Unfortunately my GTX 1070 just cant handle it. It is not a good time to buy a video card so I'll have to patiently wait for things to calm down in the video card world. There is talk of 12 pin power connections and much more power needed now which would require a pretty substantial gutting of my current PC.

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    I took this scene in and out of Unreal then into my 3D program Filmer/Blender and then into Hitfilm for compositing.


    Here's a demo of how I did it, I cut out the Unreal part due to time.


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    GrayMotion yes please do share as soon as you get the chance! Even if you have a work in progress it would be great to see :)

  • feyiadebanjo
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    spydurhank that's so cool! Is this a personal project for fun or something else?

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    @spydurhank I LOVE the shake in the wings on that shot!!! Amazingly well put together :)

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    Thanks @feyiadebanjo and @OliThompson .

    It is indeed personal and fun. :)

    I'd also like to make a little money at it but my "main motivation" is that working with Filmer and Hitfilm keeps my mind in a constant creative state, such that early childhood brain trauma and exposure that cooked my brain kinda just goes away and my mind begins processing correctly so it is very much for the health of my brain.  :) Right now my project is funded solely by a couple of Hitfilm artists. :)

    It's really cool because my techniques are universal and can be done in any 3D compositor and any 3D game engine. That is why I was able to very easily incorporate Unreal engine into my personal workflow without even knowing how to use Unreal Engine. Very nice little program by the way. I really like it. Lots of potential right there. :)

    I brought a Tie Interceptor into Unreal, set up a pseudo  ocean type environment, exported to Filmer for animation and rendering, exported the entire 3D scene with Empty objects to hold the animations into Hitfilm along with Filmer render passes. 

    After quickly rigging the scene to it's animation groups in Hitfilm, I create any other render passes or aovs that I need specifically for the scene and simply composite The Filmer render passes together with the 3D Hitfilm render passes. Magic. :)

    I did it again yesterday except I used an alembic animation on the 3D Prime in the quick 2 second video below. :)


    I'm gonna get to an introductory video asap as requested by a potential Filmer user to really illustrate the process. Maybe today? :)