Unreal Engine's The Human Race

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Hello community! It is I, FXhome's new marketing intern Feyi, here to fully integrate myself.

My question to you folk is what do you think of Unreal Engine's 'The Human Race'? Article here: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/tech-blog/the-human-race-an-inside-look-at-the-technology-behind-the-groundbreaking-real-time-film-from-epic-games-the-mill-and-chevrolet

How do you feel about being able to configure the VFX in a film live in real-time, and what implications that might have? Some consider it the future of advertising!


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    I'm just starting to dig into using Unreal for film production... I'm going to start with live copositing and build from there. 

    I suspect that it's going to be the big new thing for independent filmmaking, once the screens become affordable enough. Or if Sony brings the price of Crystal LED down enough -- Crystal LED comes as a collection of relatively small modules, so... 

    As the Disney folks are doing for The Mandalorean, I think virtual production using something like Unreal will be a major factor in the future of film production at all levels eventually. With LED screens surrounding the sound stage, and with enough horsepower running an Unreal engine, it's possible to, Mandalorean style, light the sound stage with the 3D rendered image, use a camera tracker to match move the camera live, and even send lens telemetry to the Unreal engine... adjust a light in the 3D scene, the scene lighting updates interactively as does the lighting.... full wrap around, live 3D composite, you can see what you're working with live, the director can see the composite... some scenes will need cleanup in post, some can be clean in camera.

    I think the potential is huge. We just need to figure out how to make it work on our limited budgets.

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    @JoshdaviesCEO would agree with you. Are you following the FXHOME Facebook page? FXHOME is working with Corridor Digital on some tools for real-time camera tracking to feed camera data to Unity for generating real-time backgrounds... 

    I agree too. The industry has been moving towards this type of real-time integration for awhile, but post COVID-19 production realities are really going to push this tech. 

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    Ooh very interesting guys, good to know!

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