How to make the vibrating(?) video effect?

Hey I'm using Hitfilm Express to make VHS video editing for fun. And i found this music video: 88RISING-Midsummer Madness ( From 0:25 to 0:27 video seems shaking and vibrating?? What is this effect and called and how to make it? Thanks...


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    yabanmersini Might be wrong but it looks to me like a distortion effect with really fast key frames. I don't think it's a specific effect.  I would have a play with an Energy or Heat distortion and tweak around on the settings to find the level of rippled edges you want then try key framing the change from 0 up or down to that several times in a second.  Hope that does what you are after.

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    Thanks! I'll give it a try.

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    To elaborate on what @tddavis said, not all effects that you see out there are named, push-a-button-and-it-does-a-specific thing types of effects. Many are combinations of other basic effects that the editor made up on the fly, or maybe they were playing around on the side and created something fun. Sometimes these types of effects or looks become popular, and lots of people want to create them. However, it's important to remember that the first person who made that effect/look just made it up by experimenting, not by following some tutorial or clicking a single button to apply a pre-generated effect/look.

    I'm not saying that to discourage you (or anyone else) from trying to recreate an effect/look that you like, but rather to encourage you to experiment and find your own cool things.

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    @tddavis @CleverTagline Given that the black edges of the frame are visible in the vibrating clip, I feel like this was shot at a high shutter speed to kill blur, with a shaking camera which was stabilized around one of the actors. The parallaxing of the moving BG around the static actors and the aforementioned frame edges really give it that look.

    Also, look at about 7:28 in this video. 

    Serting the top layer's Blend to Lighten is the same in Hitfilm. 

    Adjustment and Grade layers are the same thing. Instead of Universe Camera Shake use Hitfilm's Shake effect. Instead of Optics Compensation use Action Cam Distort. Instead of Radial Effect, use Radial Blur or Zoom Blur. Hitfilm Pro has a Chromatic Aberration effect, but I don't think it's in Express. There's a tutorial on how to do it in Express here.

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