Composite Shot size difference?

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Can anyone help me regarding image size difference between the Timeline Editor and the Composite Shot? Im a newb, so might be completely missing a step. Here's the scenario:

When I add a still image to the editor time line the size fits the viewer nicely.
When I convert the still image into a composite shot to apply a zoom/pan effect, the image appears to be reduced and is suddenly smaller than the editor timeline viewer size, and a black border is all around it.

Figured I was screwing something up, so I tried simply creating a composite shot from another image and made no edits to it whatsoever, and it did the same thing. It suddenly is smaller on the editor timeline with a black border. Can anyone shed some light on why this happens?  I haven't seen this happening on any YouTube tutorials that I've watched so far.

Much appreciated!


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    I believe it is most likely that your image is a smaller size than your composite size. The default is HD 1920 x 1080 if your image is smaller than this it will have black border, unless you let Hitfilm fit the image to the canvas (resolution of the comp or editor). 

    You can do this manually, right click on your media in the composite shot and then select 'Transform' followed by 'Fit to frame' of course if you picture is vastly smaller it might look at bit pixelated if it has to stretch out to far.

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    Thanks for your reply Andy001z.   I had also thought of that initially, but the image Im using is much bigger than the 1920x1080 format, so Im quite befuddled as to why its showing differently as soon as i convert it to composite.  It has the appearance of an 'image insert' effect when the track below it in Video 2 is still visible before that image fades to 0 opacity, and then the composite looks as though it has a black border (obviously not tho, its just smaller than the frame).  
    I can work around this by 'stretching' the composite to fill the viewer, but Id like to understand what's making it smaller to begin with.  Unless....that's the way it always works?  Intriguing! 
    I appreciate you offering a possible reason though, thanks for your comment. :)

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    I’m not entirely sure if this is what’s going on, but usually when you turn a clip or image into a composite shot, it uses the dimensions of that specific media... so if you have an image on the timeline, then you ask HitFilm to make a composite shot out of that image, it will make it in the image’s resolution and the length you had it on the timeline...

    So here’s what you might have to do: 

    Create a blank composite shot that’s the size of your timeline

    Add the image to the composite shot

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    Trifocefx - Thanks for the feedback and suggestion.  I'll give it a try and see if it's the trick! 

    Question tho....based on the numbers in my current project, which sent me here to the forum with a help request.....if the image Im trying to use in the editor is 5472 x 3648, and the editor is set to the default 1920 x 1080, why would it show visibly smaller in the editor timeline, even tho the composite version of the image is listing it as being changed to 4096 x 2160 pixels?  I must obviously be doing something bassackward or missing some step altogether as I don't see this change in size happening in any tutorials on composite images when i watch them.   
    I'll try your suggestion tho and see if it works that way instead.  thanks for your input.  :)

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    Triforcefx - I did a trial where I reduced the size of the original image in photoshop down to the closest match of the HitFilm editor pixel ratio. 

    It fit beautifully in the editor timeline, but when i went into the composite shot end of things it did the exact opposite of what it was doing in my previous project, LOL. 
    This time, instead of shrinking it, it expanded.  Its weird, the pixels didn't change size, its like HitFilm decides to 'zoom/expand' the image this time.  So I had to toggle the image and 'shrink/drag' it to fit the viewer parameters this time.  Its bizarre to me, but either this is just something HitFilm does, or I'm doing something obscure. 

    Anyways, its workable....just doesnt make sense to me.  Im sure its something stupid that Im missing or doing. 

    One day maybe I'll stumble upon the reason and go "oh gawwwd, THAT's what it was??!" 

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