Particles far away disappear

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I have set up a particle system to make a tunnel for a doctor who intro. But the particles that are far away from the camera just don't get rendered. So I have a big black hole at the end of my tunnel. What can I do about that


  • Andy001z
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    If you move the camera down the Z axis in 3d Space do the particles reappear or does the hole stay. I guess I am saying is the hole something that just is rather than particles not being rendered.

  • tddavis
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    edited July 2020

    @fabian_hofmann It might also have to do with how far the camera is set up to "see" in Z space.  I'm away from my computer on a phone so I can't look up what I'm talking about at the moment but will check when I can if you haven't gotten a better answer by then.

    edit: Right click on your camera layer and go to Properties and check that your near clipping is a low number and if your far clipping isn't a really high number (Like 100K) change it to that and see if the missing particles show up.  Totally may not be your issue but it's something I though might be it. Suppose it could also be the life of your particles runs out before they make that far, too.

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