I was gung-ho on this for a couple weeks, but have currently run out of steam...

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I was gung-ho on this for a couple weeks, but have currently run out of steam. I slapped a pulp-title effect at the beginning to provide some sense of context for the bit. Here’s the work-in-progress for you wizards to have a look at. Maybe I’ll get back to it again someday. Cheers.

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     @JeffFoster I think you need to don a wizard's cap yourself.  Pretty cool! (or hot)   Interesting concept.

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     You say it's a work-in-progress, what are you planning to add to it?

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    Polish. Slow down the pacing on the EK “fixing” the problem around earth – the earth needs work – more of an atmospheric glow maybe. The surface of mercury needs polish too. Maybe add some sort of scene of a city being destroyed to emphasize that point that humans are the problem that are being removed. Maybe tweak the script to initially emphasize the possibility of the EK maybe being on the side of helping humanity before the ending reveal. Maybe add a voiceover in lieu of opening text – subtitles didn’t work out because too much of the script content had to be removed to fit the pacing of the imagery. If the opening text stays in some fashion, there needs to be sound design with it.
    On to other things at the moment though. It was a good exercise at piecing together a lot of tutorials into one bit if nothing else.

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     Ooh I agree about the voiceover and opening text! Make sure you share the finished product with us when you get around it :)

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    Jeff Foster wrote, "Maybe add some sort of scene of a city being destroyed to emphasize that point that humans are the problem that are being removed."

    Yes, from the perspective of the biosphere as a whole, we are the virus.   And the corona virus is the biosphere's antibodies replying to the threat.   From our perspective the corona virus is the devil, from the biosphere's perspective the corona virus is an angel.  

    I agree your video has an interesting premise and the special effects are great.  If you decide to continue, I'd suggest focusing on the developing the story.  Special effects are very interesting to members of a forum like this, but a general audience has come to take them for granted, so a good story is required to keep them engaged.  Feel free to ignore all of the following of course, but here is a story idea that might somehow be useful.

    First, it's not quite accurate to say that humans are the problem.   What threatens the bio-sphere is something more specific, male humans.   

    We males have been trained by millions of years of evolution to compete with other male humans, so as to weed out the weak genes for reproduction.  See this forum for examples of such head butting competitions.  :-)

    Humanity and the Earth has survived these competitions for a very long time because we male humans have been fighting each other with sticks and stones and bow and arrows etc.  These tools aren't powerful enough to threaten the environment as a whole.  We can kill each other with these tools, but not the planet.

    In my life time, this has now changed.  Starting around the time I was born competing male humans now have tools of sufficient scale to change the environment for the radically worse,  and in just a few minutes.  And the knowledge explosion is sure to continue to deliver ever more powerful tools at an ever faster rate.   So, what to do?  How to save the planet and the future of humanity?

    Well, we could try to keep the very many peaceful men and get rid of the violent men.  We could try, but no society in history has figured out how to do this.   So what then?

    The solution is so radically simple that it can be described in three words. 

    Stop making men.

    Consider a world without male humans.  95%+ of all the violence in the world would vanish.  Unspeakable suffering would be lifted from the backs of many many millions.  And, the HUGE amounts of money we now spend on jails, prisons, police, armies, weapons and rebuilding etc could be reinvested in life affirming projects like education and health care etc.  A world without men would be a world at peace.

    Here's the hook.   I've been writing about this for years and in every single instance when a person first hears of this idea they laugh it off as impossible.   You're doing that right now too.

    But if you stop laughing long enough to do the logic, you will in time see that there is no alternative to a world without men other than death and destruction of the environment.  

    We men can't help it.  We're going to keep fighting each other with every tool we can get our hands on, just as we've done since the dawn of time.  As example, 3,000 years of Judeo-Christian morality has only barely touched our built-in violence.    And now that we're riding an accelerating knowledge explosion, the exploding scale of the tools we fight with will inevitably do us in.  This isn't a speculative theory.  It could literally happen today, as you know.

    So, here's a story that might be told in video in the right hands.  There is a solution to our most pressing problems.  World peace is possible, if we're willing to pay the price for it.

    Three simple words.  Stop making men.

    Please keep in mind that while you're brushing this off as a bunch of crackpot nonsense about 1500 Russian ICBMs are aimed down your throat, and can be delivered to your door in about 30 minutes, faster than you can order a pizza.  

    Yes, this is a typoholic rant.  It could also be a compelling video, in the right hands.   Not my hands, but maybe yours.