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Hey guys, so my kids have a small YouTube channel and I was doing all the editing on my phone up until last week when we purchased PC’s and things got a lot more complicated! So I’ve downloaded them OBS on both PCs and set up their screen recording, mics & webcams but I’m really struggling with the video edit (trying to edit 2 videos into 1) I’m new to editing on a PC and I guess the question I’m trying to ask is what is the best way to edit their videos now? At the moment I’m importing both videos and then selecting a section i.e when my Daughters talking then I will take that part of the video, cut it and patch it to the main one and then when she has finished and my son starts talking I’m taking that section and adding that after. I’m basically all over the place and would really appreciate any help! Is there another way that would be easier or a technique I can research/learn that would save me time in the long run 

Thank you


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    It might be helpful to see things you have done previously, or if you could show us a video of something similar to what you want.

    If you just need help getting started with HitFilm, there are a number of official and community guides to help kick you off.

    This is a playlist for the HitFilm Basics Masterclass on the official FXhome channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFqEKMQyy86wtsad-UkY4anWttXHhKmGk

    This is the Game On masterclass that specifically goes over things to help gaming channels:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFqEKMQyy86xql3Xto0tg9rAiExMJmoOF

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    @terry2710 I'm no expert here, but the way I usually do that sort of editing is to place both videos on different video tracks (choosing one as what I consider the master track on top then the other below it. I play until I reach a spot where I want to switch to the bottom track then slice the top layer and move over until I want to switch back and slice again then either delete that section oi move it to a third video track that is muted visibly and sound wise just in case it's needed further along. If the bottom clip doesn't quite sync up where I want it to start and stop a slide it around until it does. So basically I end up with the master (top) layer with cuts in it and the second layer under it.  Hope that gives you some ideas until someone more knowledgeable comes along.

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    @tddavis nah, you nailed it. Until/less Hitfilm adds a dedicated multicam mode, what you describe will be the best approach. 

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    Brilliant, thank you both for your help