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@JavertValbarr Just realized that I was busy delivering cupcakes Friday and missed the Twitch time.  Went to look it up and there isnt one since 9 days ago.  Did you all skip this week, or am I missing an upload? Thanks.


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    @tddavis Since FXhome started hosting live streams simultaneously on Twitch and Facebook they have taken a couple of Friday's off... including last Friday.

    @JavertValbarr I am still hoping you guys will do a live "VFX Challenge" sometime. I have a simple but instructional idea for that if you want it. Also, another idea would be to host a community guest like @Triem23 or @CleverTagline. You could do a round table discussion with FXhome staff regarding favorite movies, effects in movies, television shows, etc. Of course, when HitFilm 15 comes out, a live stream could be devoted to just talking about that.

    Does anyone else have any ideas for future FXhome Friday Live Streams?

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    @FilmSensei ideas for future livestreams? Probably. Gotta put a little thought in.

    @tddavis just a guess but they might have skipped a stream or two cuz HF 15 is in its final development push...

    @JavertValbarr on Jay's "VFX challenge," he did that on his livestream with me, @CleverTagline and @tddavis. Tons of fun. If he's offering to share his ideas, take him up on it. You and Tom (maybe a third - Josh or a community guest) could have a lot of fun while having Kirstie or Oli keep the chat going during the challenge.

    Ugh, Jay, I'll never forget that Auto Flares hack again!

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    @FilmSensei Thanks for the info.  Speaking of streams, any ETA on S3 of your streams?

    @Triem23 Yes, I remember that ill-considered decision ? on my part.  Guess I may be a born critic as I am much better at offering my opinion than actually doing. ?

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    @tddavis As I recall, your internet wasn't working correctly, so that is why you were having more trouble than the other two.

    As far as Season 3 of Live with Sensei, I was planning on only taking a few weeks off, but then a few weeks became a month which then became two months, and so on. I really do need to think about jumping back in. One of the things that I will do is follow the lead of FXhome and run them on a different platform(s?) other that YouTube. My channel has done very well since I stopped live streaming.

    BTW, @JavertValbarr did you see that StreamYard now can host up to ten (!) people? 

  • tddavistddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 4,175 Moderator

    @FilmSensei Kind of you to give me that for an out, but it was shear lack of knowledge on my part in doing the first 2 challenges.  Wow! 10 people.  Got to compete with Zoom in the Covid era, I guess. 

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    You didn't miss an upload @tddavis, thanks for checking in though. We're scaling back the frequency of the livestreams in order to devote time to other upcoming projects; if we have one we'll shout about it on our social and in email newsletters as well.

    @FilmSensei Cheers for offering some insight into the VFX Challenge, we'd like to do that at some point so I'd be happy to hear your thoughts!

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