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Hey there everyone!

So I have been interested in creating tutorials within Hitfilm however, I have a limited list of what could be done currently. You can place any ideas you may have for a tutorial for hitfilm in which I, as well as anyone else interested, will attempt to create a tutorial around. Think this as a list basically for requested effects/videos, many thanks, have a great day!


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    If I may..

    From the questions posed in this forum the area of tutorials that has been completely untouched are specifically targetted tutorials (or demos) of how the add-ons (talking Express here) work. I imagine that if you started there you might get quite a crowd of Express users that would be interested in short tuts on how ever add-on effect works.

    Just a thought

    ** Do you have any tutorials now?

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    Yes, demos of the add-ons is a good idea, second the notion.

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    That is a good idea actually, there is a few things features that haven't been demonstrated through a tutorial/video yet but I'd be more than happy to do so and I don't have any tutorials however, it is something I would like to push on as I'd really would like to help users out with the software + I have been using Hitfilm since 2017.

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    A Tutorial how to make a hurican with debris, Cars and trees flying around 

    tutorials for negativ Gravity on a vilage (all houses and vegetables go to sky)

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