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Thanks to super secret inside industry information which is entirely fictitious and totally made up out of nothing, I can now give you a sneak peak at the coming arrival of Hitfilm Version 87, a breakthrough version of the flagship FXhome software.

In Hitfilm 87 there is no control panel, no dials or sliders, no panels or workspaces, no manual or instructional videos.  All of that is over.  So yesterday!

What replaces all the previous controls is a microphone with which you tell Hitfilm what video to make.   So for instance, you could say....

"Hitfilm.  Make a video of Diane Lane riding a motorcycle through the French countryside at sunset while a UFO looms menacingly overhead.   Print!"

You will edit and add scenes by the same method, by speaking in to the microphone and telling Hitfilm what to do.

Anybody who can talk can now make professional level videos limited only by their imaginations.  The era of video nerd skills is now officially over, and other such breathless sales jabber etc etc.   I mean, ETC ETC!!!!! 


How much of our interest in Hitfilm is driven by our desire to do art, and how much from our incurably nerdy natures which seek technical challenges to master?

Do you want Hitfilm 87 if the price tag is that you can no longer impress anyone with your technical skills?  

Are you prepared to now compete with nearly everyone on the planet in terms of film making creativity?

Is the video software realm complicated because it has to be?  Or because we want it to be?

Please be patient.   The staff at FXhome tells me that it could  be as long as 3 weeks before Hitfilm 87 is ready for release.  Thank you.

Ok, take it from there!




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    Oh! So it will be like Siri! Wow! HitFilm add a muzzle flash! HitFilm add a 3D tank! Of course it could be like some of the funny stories about Siri when you ask her to do something. Yep, I want one of those.

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    "Hitfilm! Add a 3D tank to my scene!" 


    "Undo. Hitfilm, add a 3D tank to my scene."


    "No! Undo! Hitfilm! Add. A. 3D. TANK. To. My. SCENE!"


    "NO! DAMMIT! UN...

    "Actually, that's pretty cool..."

  • cluelessnubecluelessnube Website User Posts: 476 Just Starting Out

    Sheesh.       It's not even released yet and already they're complaining about it.  :-)



  • DataDesignDataDesign Website User Posts: 440 Enthusiast


    Your 3D "Bank" shows as a link, so the humor was diminished a bit before I could force my lazy arm to move the mouse and click the link. But then, ha ha ha!

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    Ahh so basically the Holodeck, but in 2d video form. 

  • cluelessnubecluelessnube Website User Posts: 476 Just Starting Out

    Ok, yea, Holodeck is a good reference.    Thanks for that.

    Suppose creating professional quality video was as easy as typing these posts?   Whatever the method of achieving ultimate user friendliness, once the mechanical process becomes invisible to us...

    Are we still interested?   Or would making video production super easy ruin the experience for we nerd peeps?



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    Hi cluelessnube,

    You bring up a good point. Is this why I struggle with mirrorless cameras with manual lenses instead of pressing a button on a phone which will do all of the thinking for me, often with better results? Do I think that ease of use cheapens the creation of a film when you don't have to work at? I remember countless hours spent splicing Super 8 footage together (yes, I'm that old) and am I now resentful of the results that can be achieved with next to no effort? Perhaps that is why many of us enjoy what can be accomplished with the challenges of videomaking and Hitfim "not because they are easy, but because they are hard"" and therefore more rewarding.?

  • cluelessnubecluelessnube Website User Posts: 476 Just Starting Out

    Hi @Mahhit,

    I once spent years coding my own forum and blog software from scratch, when I could have downloaded both for free from the web in about 5 minutes.  Now I'm banging my head against Hitfilm (less these days!) and 3D (more these days!) when the best ideas I have are for films that could be made in iMovie.  None of this really makes much sense, but it sure is fun.  :-)

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