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I am trying to recreate the Dr. Who Intro but instead of moving the particles towards the camera, I'm moving the Emitter using a point, then duplicate the Point and make the 3d Camera follow it. My problem now is, that the camera is moving at different speeds between the keypoints. It uses so much Processing power that I can't see the video without lagging to adjust the time between the keypoints. Is there a way to let the computer adjust the keypoints, so my camera is moving in a stable speed?


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    @fabian_hofmann Instead of keyframing the camera you can automatically have the camera follow the point without keyframing.  Go to camera the Controls tab, Layer Properties, Alignment and set Towards Layer.  Set the Alignment Layer to your point layer.  Now the camera will continue to aim at the point as it passes by.   This is great for having an aircraft or spaceship do a flyby.  Changing the camera position up or down, or in and out in Z will give some interesting results as it will always aim at the point.

    If you actually want the camera to "follow" the point in 3D space, go to Behaviors, hit the green plus sign and under Behavior add Follow.  Set the Target to be the point.

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    No. That isn't my problem. I'll tell you the basics of the problem. I have a point, following a route. But because of the time between the keypoints of this route, the speed between this keypoints changes. I wanted to know, if there is a way to let the programm choose the time between each keypoint, so the point doesn't suddenly accelerate.

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    @fabian_hofmann Sorry if I am still misunderstanding, but what you might be seeking is a way to modify keyframes.   Under Transform properties highlight the track with that has keyframes.  Then click Value Graph in the upper right of the timeline window.  You should see your keyframes as a graph over time.  To toggle Value Graph off just click it again.

    With Value Graph on you can slide your keyframes around (click and drag with the Left mouse button) , thus changing the timing of your movement.  Holding down shift will let you move horizontally and keep from moving up and down.  Unselect all the keyframes by click in an area of the graph where there are none.  Select one or a group of keyframes by clicking and dragging a selection box.

    To smooth out keyframes - there are control icons in about the middle of the timeline that look like a bunch of diamonds, squares and a circle.  Those allow you to change the interpolation type for selected keyframes.  They are only active if you have keyframes selected.  Roll your mouse over them and you see what they do - Linear, Constant, Smooth, Smooth In, Smooth Out and Manual Bezier.  My guess is that you will want to smooth your keyframes and re-position them along the timeline to get the desired effect.  Keyframing is as much a science as an art so practicing all of this will lead to better proficiency.

    Sorry for the long winded post.  Here is a tutorial that covers these concepts. 


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