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I am not great with video tutorials, but would like some assistance with some specific questions.  Is there anyone willing to make some extra money to do a one-on-one training? 


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    Are you able to detail what you need to cover? How much experience you have. 

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    I believe you can't ask for paid services here but in any case, you should check out the FXhome youtube channel, they've created so many tutorials on all the basics. However my favorite is still HitFilm University because the science behind it is just as important if you're looking at learning more advanced things, understanding why things work rather than hey, that worked- not elitism just efficiency.

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    @alexfinnell I understand what you mean.  But one on one training might be problematic in the current environment.  You will definitely want to get used to video tutorials as they are mostly free.  You can always stop and rewind, watch a step again until you master it, then move on.

    Google is your friend but don't forget about Online Help (Help menu at the top of the GUI). 

    For me, video tutorials are a good alternative to personalized training.  Here are a few links I would recommend including FXHome, Hitfilm University, FilmSensei & Shiny Films.  Even tutorials on older versions of HF are valid as you can do the same effects with the new version and they cover the same basics.

        FXHome Tutorials

       Text Tutorial

        HF University


        Shiny Films

        Optimize/Troubleshoot video
                                   skip to 23:43 for Handbrake

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    @alexfinnel- I've received a ton of free training here on the forum.   Folks here are pretty darn helpful in answering questions.   Why not start by asking your specific questions here on the forum and see what happens?   Or maybe better, pick one question to start with, anything.  

    I hear you that videos aren't your thing.      If you're more of a text person (like me) try the manual:

    In the upper left hand corner of the manual is a little drop down menu which can customize the manual to the version of Hitfilm that you're using.    

    The manual may be the most efficient  way to get answers about Hitfilm.   The videos can be great when you want to learn about some specific feature, but in the beginning the massive pile of videos on a zillion different subjects can be quite overwhelming.   For me, the videos became more helpful once I'd wrapped my mind  around basic Hitfilm operations.  Before that, they mostly just confused and discouraged me.

    Members above are trying to be helpful, but if you're new to Hitfilm and/or video editing dumping a huge pile of videos in your lap probably isn't the best help strategy, especially given that you specifically said that video wasn't your favorite learning method.   

    If you are confused by basic Hitfilm operations, and really want private assistance for a fee, I'd be willing to assist at minimum wage.  But before you do that with anybody, see what  you can get here for free.   If you have money to spend it would likely be better spent on Hitfilm Pro.