The DOBE affect

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So, as a regular on the forums I get to see what seems like a few people having issues with Hitfilm, error messages, not exporting or just doing something odd. Well do I have the video for you. Because in the following Corridor video they discus the DOBE affect (when something goes wrong just because, and there seems no logical reason for it). The guys discuss the fact that a subscription based service like what Adobe offers should result in a smooth product, but in reality updates or just general features just go wrong. 

So next time you think FXhome can't string a can of bean cans together, just remember they are a fraction of the size Adobe and have a mighty fine set of products all things considered. Cut um some slack and be thankful £53 isn't being sucked out of your account each month for something you don't get to keep if you choose to stop paying.



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    Sounds familiar.  "embrace the jank"  Every piece of software ever written has some jank.  Good to know the gremlin in Premiere has a name. :)

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    "but in reality updates or just general features just go wrong." 

    A simple rule can help avoid most such problems.  Don't upgrade unless you know  specifically why you are doing so.   Don't upgrade just because the upgrade is new and free.   If you hold off on riding the cutting edge most of the problems will be fixed by the time you get there.  

    If  you're locked in to a subscription web based service and they force upgrades on you, well, try to avoid such places.


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