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Well, I've kinda crapped up the other 3D thread with a bunch of editorial hysteria, so let's try starting over from scratch.   To focus the conversation let's discuss taking a 3D character from MakeHuman ( and importing it in to a Hitfilm project.   @FilmSensei offers a tutorial on this topic in the following video:

In this video he describes a work flow that goes like this:

MakeHuman => Mixamo =>  Blender => Hitfilm

This process isn't working for me so I'm hoping to zero in on where exactly in the many steps involved the problem lies.  To that end, here's a first question.

If I'm willing to surrender animation can I safely skip the Mixamo part of this process?   Can I edit the work flow to this?

MakeHuman =>  Blender => Hitfilm




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    If you're willing to forgo animation then you export from MakeHuman as OBJ and import directly to Hitifilm.

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    Ah, thanks Triem, that does save the Blender step.    Appreciate it.

    I'm happy to report that I have now successfully created a character in MakeHuman, washed in Blender, and imported in to Hitfilm because, let's face it, I am a 3D genius.  :-)

    In that test  everything is working as I'd expect it to, with the exception that when I turn on a light it kills the natural colors in the model and  turns it very metallic looking.  Any advice here would be appreciated.

    My goal is to recreate a procedure I described earlier in this thread.    That is, MakeHuman to Blender to Mixamo to Sketchfab to Hitfilm.    I know a lot more about Hitfilm than I did earlier, so if I can master this work flow I should be able to create something reasonably decent.

    The obstacle so far is that I can't seem to get the textures to travel with the FBX from MakeHuman to Mixamo.  I've tried zipping the FBX and textures together and then uploading the zip to Mixamo.  And I've tried washing the FBX from MakeHuman in Blender.  So far no luck. 

    However, in reviewing my history at Sketchfab I see I have in the past imported a MakeHuman character with textures intact, so there must be a way.  Advice welcomed here too.


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    Best I can tell so far....

    MakeHuman OBJ to Hitfilm works, as Triem reports.

    MakeHuman FBX to Blender to Hitfilm works.

    When I try to add Mixamo to the pipeline the textures don't appear in Hitfilm.   

    So, best I can tell, the problem is Mixamo, or my understanding of how to manage textures in Hitfilm.

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     I've found Mixamo is "problematic", at best.  Hit or miss with various models. But it has also been abandoned by Adobe..... so I don't expect much. Haven't found an alternative though for quick simple animations.  



    (PS:I've also been using Fuse for some character creation. Another unfinished and abandoned program.)

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    Hi all,

    Happy to report I'm now comfortable with the MakeHuman => Mixamo => Blender => Hitfilm workflow.   Thanks to @FilmSensei for his tutorial,  good cheer and patience.

    MakeHuman models look pretty good in Hitfilm, certainly acceptable here, until I turn on shadows.  I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how I might fix this.   Here's two screen shots to illustrate the issue.

    First, the character lit without shadows.

    And then I turn on the shadows, and with resulting damage to the surface of the model.

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    Try fiddling with Light/Shadow Diffusion or the 3D Model Material/Self Shadow Bias

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    @GrayMotion - many thanks - the 3D Model Material/Self Shadow Bias worked.  Looking much better.   The next step for me is clearly to dive in to learning the materials adjustments.  I'll work on that for awhile before asking further questions.   Knowing that this could work is very helpful.

    For the benefit of future generations, here's the cheat sheet to do list I'm working on so that when I come back to this at some future point I'll  have some reminders.   Anyone should feel to make suggestions, edits etc.   This is basically just a text version of @FilmSensei's video, with a few tweaks here and there.


    MakeHuman To Hitfilm steps

    1) Create character in MakeHuman, T-pose, no bones

    2) Export character to FBX

    3) Put character FBX and textures in to a Zip

    4) Import zip in to Mixamo

    5) export character from Mixamo

    6) Add animation to character in Mixamo

    7) export animation out of Mixamo

    8) import that animation in to Blender,  and then export it as FBX

    9) import Mixamo character in to Hitfilm

    10) set opacity of all materials to 100%

    11) delete animation part of FBX in Hitfilm

    12) Import 3D model animation that was washed in Blender

    13) create new composite shot

    14) add character to composite shot

    15) go to Models/character.fbx

    16) drag animation (step 12) on to the animation tab in models

    17) if you add lights and shadows to scene,  adjust the 3D Model Material/Self Shadow Bias


    Mac users who want to experiment with creating custom animations might try Cheetah.

    The free version has unlimited features with the exception that you can't save projects.   The full version is $99.    I experimented with Cheetah about 3 years ago when I knew far less than I do now and was able to do some primitive animations.   Going to try it again shortly.   An alternative to Blender perhaps?