Romeo and Juliet school project

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I made a Romeo and Juliet movie trailer for a school project. I am in quarantine so I had to make do with the actors I had. My parents think it's good but it is easy to trick them with even the most simple edits. I was wondering if I could get critiqued by people who are familiar with the industry. Some of the masks are pretty bad but I was in a time crunch. Please don't be too nice about this, I want to get the bitter truth about it because I am new to the software.



  • Andy001z
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    Well it's not awful. So putting your acting skills aside the edits felt a bit long. I would cut them down a bit, I get your trying to have the peace tell the audience something but a scene with little or nothing happening that lasts to long just looks out of place. There best but if this was the last few frames that felt like a trailer. Crop a bit closer, shorten the whole thing and may try using a virtual camera to add some camera moves. If you don't know try just increasing the scale.  If and trim any shots where you look at the camera, like the one with the poison. Nice effort ?

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    @archer14 Nice cloning!  The hands coming together was super nice.  I only saw only tiny flicker of a mask and to be honest that may only have been because you clued me in to watch for them so I was hyper observing them.  I have to agree with Andy001z some shots seemed to drag a bit; the poison reveal, the seeing each other for the first time (astonished gazes) were just smidge too long. Most trailers don't run nearly 2 minutes. I'd estimate you can get by with as little as 1:30 if need be.  Nice take on the score instead of lutes and harps. Very good effort for a first time with the software.  Heck, just pulling off the cloning first go is applaudable.

    On a side note, I hope to goodness you aren't allergic to Poison Ivy or whatnot.  Rolling through the forest greenery in shorts is not a good idea :) Very good effort for a first

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    Hey, nice work!   I measured the film by the standard that is, ahem,  important.  Did it engage me?   It did.     I didn't really understand the plot, and wasn't sure if I was supposed to.  That didn't seem to matter, I was still engaged.  

    So as a short, I give it a thumbs up.   I'd need more to stay engaged for 20 minutes though.  Like what?   Hmm....

    Off the top of my head, first impression, perhaps it was the focus on faces that engaged me.  Maybe you could focus on further developing your skills as an actor?   I dunno, I know nothing about acting, but maybe stand in front of a mirror and see what kind of emotions you can display?  

    To fulfill my role as a somewhat annoying contrarian, I'd suggest the software doesn't matter so much.   Generally speaking, people don't watch films for software.  They watch to enter the experience of other human beings.   Make us care about what happens to Romeo and Juliet.

    Homework Assignment:   Go find the absolutely most awesome chick you can, somebody way out of your league, and try to chat her up.   When she turns you down flat, hopefully with ample quantities of dismissive snarky scorn, thank her profusely, and then whip out your iPhone and start exploring and recording those emotions.    Romeo and Juliet.  Not really a story that can be told just by learning how to clone.

    Good luck, and keep us posted.   I'm looking forward to the next teaser.