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My wife has converted me in to a wannabe film buff of sorts, and one of my impressions is that it is the unseen writers working quietly behind the scenes who typically make or break a film.    To the degree that is true perhaps it would be helpful to have at least one thread that is less about technology and more about ideas, concepts, plots, story arcs, dialog and other such issues of the writing realm.

To start things off, I've been working on an idea for some time that has succeeded in engaging some audiences in print.    Helpful comments from @GrayMotion made me realize that the next step in my exploration of these ideas could be to jump from the text medium to video.   So I could make a video about these ideas,  but...

My video skills are still pretty modest, to put it generously.    The ideas I'd like to see shared  deserve more than my video skills, so I thought I'd focus on what I do best, sharing ideas in print.   Perhaps skillful video nerds with an interest in documentary style films may want to take this ball and run with it?   

I'm pausing here before continuing because this isn't a philosophy forum but instead a community focused almost exclusively on technological issues.  I'm a bit wary of diving in to what may be seen as an unwanted philosophical rant thread.    If you are willing to think of this thread as "the writer's room" I'll continue to share the idea.   If there is no interest I'm agreeable to letting this go and heading back to Puppet Tool land.  

Your call, lemme know how I should proceed.   Thanks.



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    @cluelessnube While I agree it is true that the story of a script (the writing) will make or break a film, I have yet to see the most fabulous of a script that can't be utterly destroyed by a "talented" director.  I think, or at least hope, everyone reads the quotes "there as a hack who is trading on success of one property (that, really, probably wasn't a huge success due to them, but rather in spite of them) and everyone in the studio system is falling all over themselves over them as the second coming for the industry."  I could get petty and name a few, but I... ah, heck; Tarantino, Abrams, even Scorsese (You know after the little recent dust up he incited over his definition of cinema,, I took a look at his oeuvre and I have seen like 4 and none that I consider all that compelling a watch.) and there are countless others. But heck, what do I know? I'm just a nobody from a podunk, backwater area of western KY, but them's my thoughts.

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    Hi again TD,   I wish there were more "making of" documentaries that take the reader in to the whole film making process.   I keep my eye out for such films on streaming but haven't seen too many.

    In regards to directors killing a good story...

    A good example of that in my mind was Strange Days.

    The film is  built upon a fascinating concept, a human experience recording device that records human experiences in full much as one might record audio or video.    So you could record yourself riding a horse, and then I could play back the tape and experience the ride through your eyes, exactly as you experienced it.   Such a device would be truly revolutionary and opens the door to a great deal of fascinating speculation.  

    But they turned it in to yet another cops and robbers show instead.   Oh well, nobody wins them all I guess.

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    @cluelessnube That sounds like another soapbox I stand on and that's some clueless, studio suits interfering in a film's progressions in the name of "well, sos & so movie did this and made a bazillion $s, so why don't we have..."  The idea that a corporate boardroom is the place to make creative decisions is the WORST thing that ever happened to film making.  EVER!  Just look at the mess of most DC movies.  CW has a better handle on the properties than anyone in the film counterpart.  Oh, now that I think of it, Snyder is another I should have named above.  From his butchery of the Man the Steel on, his vision of the DCU is flawed beyond redemption. And Justice League proves my point about corporate over reach.  If, even Whedon (responsible in large part for the Marvel CU taking off with his scripts and then Avengers) could salvage it along the lines laid down by suits, it was hopeless.

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    Ok, upon further reflection this forum is probably not the right place to pursue this topic, given it's focus on special effects etc.   Realizing this more clearly is opening a new door, I should start exploring other film making sites with a broader focus.   This could be an interesting adventure!   I know nothing about this so far, but here's a place to start should anyone wish to join this journey.

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