Blender Eevee Fire with transparency issues

tddavis Posts: 5,221 Expert

Since last Hallowe'en when I was doing my annual video and I ran into this issue I have racked my brain on it.  Eevee will not render decent fire with a transparent background in PNG, EXR or TIFF formats.  Just the past couple of days I got turned on to compositing nodes and using a tutorial by YogYog Alpha for Bloom in Eevee with transparency I have managed to get it looking just about right see:

This is a screen cap of a render of procedural fire in Eevee using an alpha node in Compositing along with a Bloom pass emit pass. But this is what the PNG looks like:

The colors have changed dramatically and it's lost the light emissions even though they are there on the screen.  I seem to recall a discussion about colors behaving weird in avi's because they don't have alpha channels to feather the edges and that's what it looks like here but there is an alpha so I am stumped what I am missing...or rather what the outputs are missing? :)  Any one have any ideas in color/alpha terms what I could add or change?  Thanks.