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This thread was inspired by Triem's face building experiments, which can be seen here:  

Thread:  https://fxhome.com/forum/discussion/4059/triem-23s-hey-im-working-on-this-page-update-1963-tardis-beauty-pass-june-12-2020/p37

Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjql1Cik4NA&feature=emb_logo

As Triem explains, he used FaceBuilder from KenTools, which appears to be a Blender plugin.


I'm hoping discussion of face building tools and techniques might be  collected here so it's easy to find. 

I don't know a lot about this, but I am aware of FaceGen and Headshot, which I understand (?) to be Daz  plugins.  FaceGen might be standalone software?

When I was on the Daz  site for a few  months I followed some  face building threads and some of the results were pretty impressive.    My memory is that Headshot  was available for Windows and Mac, but it looked like the Mac  version wasn't being further developed.  Could  be wrong about that, as is true of anything I might say in this thread.

I'm guessing none of these tools will be suitable for me, but I'd like to be wrong so my interest persists.   For myself, I'd be particularly interested in any face building tools available for the Mac, under $100, reasonably easy to  use,  and um, not involving Blender if possible.

So, that's enough from the largely uniformed newbie  corner.   Face  building experts, please take over from here, and do your thing!



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